Joist another day

Its a bit steady eddy here at the moment – slow progress as necessary.

On Monday, we were very blessed.  We had no sooner finished taking 12 rooted ‘babies’ from the blackcurrant bush delivered on Sunday and planting these out than we received a delivery of bare root native trees.  The trees have tested our gardening skills since the soil here is so shallow: we managed to plant the trees out, but most of them into positions that could not support a stake so we will have to hope they can work out the best angle to grow for themselves.

Mike has now spent three further days replacing rotten joists and refitting the wedges that create the appropriate rain water fall from the flat roof, and fitting the new sterling board floor / roof ready for fibre-glassing.   Of course, we need a full day without rain (and with lots of energy and nerve) to do the fibre-glassing and, looking at the current weather forecasts, we will need to ensure the tarpaulin is well secured in place for a while to come.

On the domestic front, I attended my first ever Easter Vestry meeting yesterday and despite planning to keep a low profile have managed to return with a job – but what with that and finding my name on the church Electoral Roll on Sunday, am beginning to feel at home.  Today I have been reading up on Health and Safety management and creating necessary documents this afternoon as I needed a break after the excitement of this morning.  Following several months of asking certain people to repeat themselves, and receiving rather grumpy responses that perhaps I should get my ears checked, I visited Llandudno General Hospital for my hearing test.  Modesty prevents me from publishing the results but it would seem that certain people might like to consider whether they do mumble after all….

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