I can’t believe we are in June already! The grounds are coming to life with gusto and need more attention than I can manage whenever I have a spare moment. Snowdonia is looking an absolute picture.
We are stalled on the window painting for the moment as I ordered two panes that were too small for their apertures, so have to wait for the new pieces to be made and delivered. As it has been half term this week, we have been pretty tied up with the cafe, so building progress is relatively modest in terms of hours input, but I hope you will agree that the time has been used effectively.

The task this week was to begin the construction proper for the new stairwell. This will consist of: stud wall; double plywood skin; double thickness of fire-rated plasterboard both sides of the stud wall; then plaster and paint. And this needs to flow seamlessly up from the ground floor to floor 4. So very first, we needed to take down the wall we put in last summer without the plywood skin. But that’s ok – if this is the biggest mistake we make during this project, then I will be a very happy bunny.

Preparing to take down the wall we only put up last year!

We cleared out the space ready for the demolition

Still prepping

and then Mike and I put up some polythene sheeting to protect the cafe from dust
Mike with help (?) from Anna and Merlin


and then I let Mike lose on it with his new toy
Look what can be achieved with a carbide tipped brick saw and an hour or so

Mike doing his celebration dance

We hope that we will be able to rebuild much of the wall over the weekend – assuming we are not too busy in the cafe, of course.
and the view in the cafe at the moment

Ideally, we will be plastering by the end of next week, and repainting about a week later.

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