Much Ado About A Fence

Today we explored the world of the rookie error.
We decided to explore the local area, during a lovely sunny interlude in the afternoon, but completely failed to take on board that we have had two days of really rather wet weather.

The footpath we followed to the neighbouring village was pretty robust and the scenery very beautiful, but the return path which took us through forestry land gave us an opportunity to redefine ‘boggy’ in our developing North Wales thesaurus.

Suffice to say we were wet and muddy by the time we got home and our ‘bitzer’ large dog, who had sunk almost to his stomach on some of the paths, needed to be coaxed into the river to gently remove the worst of his slimy overcoat. We faithfully followed a path listed in a guide book, but the several trees that have fallen across the paths created interesting workout opportunities and the details which in real life were not as described just keep us on our toes.

On our return, we took photos of our fence(s). Separating the level around the house from the rather steep cliff edge leading to a lower level garden was a white painted wooden fence, which was not fully anchored to the ground. We have replaced part of the fence, now firmly concreted in place, and hope the photos will help us decide whether to leave this to weather naturally or to paint it white. If you have a strong view on this, please feel free to comment or email us with your vote!

The front view of the new fence
To paint or not to paint the fence white?
A lovely view of the house and the contentious fence from the road
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