2 weeks and one day to carpets…

…not that we are counting, or anything. The hallway is coming along pretty well. Mike has been hanging doors this week, as we need to be ready for Shaun to return to do some painting soon and he likes to be able to shut the door, to keep out all the building dust we are creating…

The hallway is coming along…

Work has been delayed only slightly by a mysterious delay in getting some plasterboard delivered. Not that there was much we could do about it – our only car is a Citroen C1, which doesn’t really have room for 8′ x 4′ boards, so we were pretty much dependant on the builders merchants lorry electing to drive up here.

…but we still have most of the ceiling to put up.

So we put the insulation in place and moved on to something else!

A bit of light relief – our first haul of strawberries since moving to North Wales
The floor also needs some work, don’t you think?

The floor is quite challenging because, as you may recall, we need to install a sub-floor so that we can fill it with builders sand to act as sound insultation. It will be very helpful to complete this stage, as we can then get rid of the large number of bin bags we have lying around the place, containing sand.

Charley and her invisible bump

Now, onto other news. Charley, our eldest, came up for the weekend to give us a hand. I think she really came up so we could see her 8-month bump but her dog Morgan clearly felt she should be allowed some privacy!

Just to prove we really grew the strawberries…
…and the peas are coming on too.

And these shots are just here for anyone who remembers our Norfolk garden and its many plants. I don’t have time yet to seriously get to grips with gardening, but see – our first crop of strawberries is coming on; the peas are growing well; and we have already consumed our first crop of Welsh broad beans. Mike does a really nice bean and garlic combo that marks our first home made food most years.

So, now that the plasterboard is here, we hope to finish the hallway this week, leaving us next week to put in skirting boards and so forth, ready for the carpets. Will we make it in time – who knows…but we’re going to give it our best shot!

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