Lots of white painting for the Whites

This week, I have been mostly painting – no, really – and Mike has been doing the things he hates by which I mean he has been doing the little fiddly bits, the finishing off.

See the stained window surround…

So I have been priming and undercoating the surrounds for the Velux windows..

…which now look a little whiter.

Then, because I had the primer and undercoat on the go, I started to undercoat the skirting boards and architrave…

Skirting now undercoated.

…but it might be quite difficult for you to see. There is plenty more still to do, but at least we have started!

Nearly a bathroom.

Meanwhile Mike has installed the loo and sink, and is now finishing the door construction for this bathroom on floor 2.

We had a visit from the building inspector last week, which went very well. His only ‘negative’ comment was to note that one door on this bathroom needs to be a fire door. Fortunately, he mentioned this before we had started to work on it, so are happy to confirm that we will be ordering an additional fire door for this purpose!

That’s floored us!

The refurbishment continues apace. We had a day ‘off’ last week to do lots of administrative jobs that had piled up, and then put our shoulders back to the many wheels. We finished plaster boarding the floor 2 bathroom, and then Mike added the skim coats…

See the supervisor sneaking out for a crafty drink…

…under the watchful eye of Boyd, the cat. Below you can see that the ceiling was busy drying, along with the walls. Mike had also finished creating the frame to support the bath…

Plastering complete – for this room, anyway!

…and as soon as this was dry, we moved on to tiling the floor.

Just the last little bits to fill in now…

When this dries, we will be able to install the loo, hand basin, and heated towel rail and then move on to something else.

Which bit counts as the ceiling?

Whilst Mike was gluing the fiddly bits I had cut into place, I retired to the third floor and put the first full strength coat of white paint onto the ceilings. It shouldn’t be long now before I can start putting the colour onto the walls…if I can just decide whether the sloping bit is ceiling or wall.

This week, we received an electronic copy of the architect’s plans for the next phases of the refurbishment. Even though Mike and I have talked through our ideas a time or two, I was completely floored when I saw the scale of works envisaged. Only minor things. For instance, on the attic floor of the manor, we had discussed changing the height of the roof valley, to create room – so I thought – for a sitting room and bedroom for us. The architect has found room to draw us a sitting room, kitchen, and 3 bedrooms – and these subtle differences were throughout!

After a couple of days of blind panic, I have started to calculate (a) how long will this project now take us (b) and how much will it cost, to help me see whether this is the way to go – but I can see even now that – if we get permission and go ahead with this – it will make the building even more beautiful than it is now or ever was.

We have requested a set of hard copy plans to pore over and will be putting these up for people to see in due course, to give us time to just let things settle before deciding if they are what we want. Exciting times!

Team White on tap

We continue to work on refurbishing floor 2, specifically on making the main bathroom for that floor.

The floor is almost finished

Mike grew a few inches today – perhaps he ate his spinach?

With the floor now down, Mike and I constructed a box (above) to surround the down pipe…

The new bath, almost ready for use…

…and after that was done, we lined the area around the bath with plywood, ready to install the tiles.

It fills and everything

We checked that the bath was functional… always so satisfying when you turn on the tap and the system works as it should…

Carrie struggled to reach across the full width so chose an alternative strategy…

…and then cut and fit plywood for the floor, which will also be tiled.

Insulating around the down pipe to try to keep the noise down.

As you can see above, we filled the waste pipe box (above) with insulation…

Mike tiling the wall around the bath

…and then we tiled around the bath. If I say so myself, Team White does make a swift job of it these days – Mike tiles, and I cut and pass him the various tiles in sequence.

Ta da!!

You can see here that we have cut away arcs in two tiles, ready for the vent tube and housing to be fitted, when the correct vent arrives.

We had to stop at this stage today as it was time to host Panad a Sgwrs in the cafe, after which I was distracted from work by chatting to some of our customers… shocking behaviour, I know, but very interesting.

We thought we might take tomorrow off… so who knows what the sitch might be when I next write!