Last time, we told of removing the floor joists, so today I can tell you of their replacement.  First, Mike installed a second joist and bolted it to the final one left in situ, as the pair should now be strong enough to bear the weight of the new joists via joist hangers.

Double joists, bolted together

Mike then began to install the new joists, now running at 90 degrees to the old ones.

Skilled workman pointing out his skilled installation

From this shot, you can see some of the old joists, and some of the new ones.  Aren’t you the lucky one!

Client’s view of skilled installation


Half of the new joists now successfully installed


Entrance hall by new stairwell

Meanwhile, other operative got bored with the joist installation and fancied something less constructive.  As I believe we mentioned last time, the water pipes turn out to be exactly where we don’t want them to be, so we will have to move them.  Consequently, we need to remove the ceiling so that we can see them.

Carrie in destructive mood


Entrance hall minus ceiling

You can now see, slightly to the right of the light fitting, a series of (lagged) pipes which need to be moved, of which more another time.

We also took advantage of the relatively dry weather yesterday so get someone to do some work on some of our trees.

If you look very carefully, you can see an operative removing dead wood from our tree

Below are a couple of pictures which are not as good as we wish they were.  Yesterday morning, the wind was extraordinarily warm, and you could almost taste burning.  The sun was really very red (despite what the photo seems to show) so we guess there must have been lots of Saharan dust in the atmosphere.

Drat that auto-correct in our phone camera – the sun was really quite red

And this afternoon, the sunset was really something.

and this sky was red rather than orange tonight


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