Well, Carrie’s not feeling too good today, so for the second time in history it’s Mike on the other end of the blog!

Along with the rest of the country we woke up to a glorious sight of a snow covered Welsh countryside.  Friends Julie and Yvonne are staying with us at the moment, so after tucking Carrie up with a fresh hot water bottle we hit the snow and shovelled the hill and drive clear.  Suitably invigorated we then got on with the building work, which today is getting on with the stairwell – first floor.

Back wall for staircase between floors 1 and 2 being plaster boarded

The plan for today is to cover the studwork with ply and fireboard, firstly along the back wall (see above picture) then cut the joists (to the left on the above picture)

A prop for the joist as we cut through it…


Mike cutting a joist


so back wall plaster boarded; side wall being prepared for completion

Then once that’s done, tomorrow the end wall will be covered in ply and then we’ll be thinking about trimmers!

Mike, during path clearing duties

I don’t know how to put this picture at the top!

Yvonne testing out her new screw-driving capabilities


and Julie taking a well earned rest


A quick glimpse at our snow status today

Now I’m hoping Carrie’s feeling better soon, and the blog will be back in safe hands next time!

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  1. Monumental work. Thank you for documenting your progress, i look forward to the hopefully not to distant future when i will be able to book a room and see all this in person.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Bjorn. It is lovely to read that you are enjoying the updates, and we hope to be able to offer rooms to you and others before the end of 2018. Here’s hoping!

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