3 shades of grey

A very quick update on our previous post for those of you struggling to imagine the different colour possibilities.

We have painted three small areas on the back of the white extension, so that we can test a few colours that happen to be available on site without trying to purchase match pots (which I am not aware that they do for masonry paint).

3 colours for checking…


This picture was taken at approx 7.30pm this evening, so the light is beginning to fade, but we hope you can see the important blocks of colour.

We haven’t bothered painting a new square of white as we hope you can imagine this in your mind’s eye.  The large sand coloured block to the left is where Mike has rendered the space that used to be a door, so please ignore this.  Next right is our colour ‘pale gravel’; to the right, at the top, is ‘magnolia’ and below right is full intensity ‘gravel’.  Please evaluate as you wish, noting that the scuzzy boarding on the gable end will be a glorious gloss black in a couple of weeks’ time.  There will be more news in a day or two, but despite it being only 8pm, I’m now off to bed to get over the rigours of the day!

2 thoughts on “3 shades of grey

  1. Hi Carrie and Mike,
    Posted this in the wrong place at first!
    Had a look at the paint colours. Pale gravel would be my choice of paint:
    A) because I hate Magnolia with a passion, having lived in too many Army quarters that were painted in it, or it’s equally bland cousin, Mushroom.
    B) the Darker Gravel may make you blend into the wet Welsh weather too much and you may become invisible.!
    Off to re-pot my strawberry runners now whilst the sun still shines as it’s bound to rain tomorrow, it being a bank holiday!
    Take care both

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