4 weeks today…

…is when the stair carpets arrive. I’m not sure we will be fully ready, but here’s what we have been doing in preparation.

Just a few bits to finish before we paint.

Mike has been re-establishing the floor, as we need this in place before we can fit the skirting boards.

We seem to have mislaid our mirrors….

For those old enough to remember, Mike suddenly randomly decided to be Harry Worth today. How we laughed…

Plumbing, anyone?

…but when you can see the spaghetti junction above, and realise Mike has to cut through some pipes and reconnect elsewhere, so that other pipes can be reconnected and…sorry, am I boring you? But I can sympathise with Mike when he needs a bit of distraction every now and then.

More of the floor back in place – which is a great relief to me as I have been wondering how we were going to do this ever since we cut through the floor to locate the pipes about two years ago. Every time we stepped on it, it has flexed and bowed…but now Mike has waved his magic hands over it and all is rigid and reassuringly stable again.

Back to painting…

The latest batch of intumescent paint arrived yesterday, so today I returned to my natural stance with paint brush in hand and spindles before me, starting at the top of the stairs…

…stopping at floor 0

…and ending at the bottom before stopping for cafe duty.

See – no gaps

Meanwhile, Mike continues to fill the gaps in the floor. As you can see, we know how to have fun here!

As we have only 4 weeks to go, we reviewed the schedule earlier this evening – which might have been a mistake as we have slightly more work to do than days available for it, but I’m sure we can work something out between now and then…

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