I don’t think the photos will actually help as much today as usual, since things may not seem to have progressed much in the last two days despite our best efforts.

But I can confirm:

Mike has almost finished plumbing in the 3 sinks necessary in a commercial kitchen.  Of course, the least we say about yesterday’s mini-flood, the better, but the water pressure here is considerably higher than Mike has been used to, and that tricky little olive had missed the end of the pipe Mike inserted, and so when the pressure was turned on, things moved that we weren’t expecting would move.

Sorry about the gloom - hope you can see the pipework on the walls
Sorry about the gloom – hope you can see the neat pipework on the walls

We took delivery of the cooker, griddle and chip fryer, and have ordered the work tables.  I have been to the builders merchants several times to collect the necessary kit, and try to convince them that I have more than a passing knowledge of what is required.  It seems every time Mike sends me with a list of requirements, there is always a key bit of information missing (what size, madam? and how many will that be?)  Today’s conversation centred around whether I required a male or female threaded end on the tap tails.  Points to anyone who can explain how I should have blagged my way through that one!  Mind you, I think I got brownie points when I didn’t replace our worn out blow torch with a DIY model (i.e. pretty much a straight replacement) but instead was persuaded to get a plumbers blowtorch (so much hotter; such a fine focused flame; so much a higher cost!)

Mike has also filled the whole in the concrete floor of the lobby – when the cement has dried, and the fire door been fitted, we should be ready to put the door mat in place…

Not sure how clear it is that the holes have been filled in
Not sure how clear it is that the holes have been filled in


The Environmental Health Inspector (who dropped by yesterday lunchtime) commented on how much we had managed to achieve since he visited in December; and our horse-riding visitors from Chester also commented that they plan to return once we are open, so I guess we just need to keep putting best foot forward for just a few more days….weeks… surely not months!?!

Mike and I have spent some time today remarking that yesterday was a lovely day.  It was the only day for weeks when the horse riders (Amy and Jo) elected to sit outside rather than come into the building due to wind / rain / cold – but due to our punishing work schedule, we spent almost no time out in the sun.  Today has reverted to type for this year so far – I am not sure if it clear from the photo but it is tipping down, even though the forecast was for light rain this morning clearing away by lunch time.

View from front door
View from front door this evening

I am sitting here utterly worn out as Jane and I had a serious shopping trip to Llandudno today.  We now have bins, brooms and mops, baking trays and cutlery, and even some food.  Meanwhile Mike plumbed some more, and liaised with the fire alarm company who came and installed the sensors and control panel today, along with servicing the portable fire extinguishers.  My actual working contribution for the last two days has mostly been painting, but as this is gloss work, and touching up where walls have been marked, that will definitely be a photo not worth the taking!

So all in all, its beginning to feel more like a business about to break forth.  We still seem to have a considerable list of things to do before we can open, but as the revised alcohol licence for the premises arrived this morning, and as we now have a fire alarm system and a fire risk assessment, can it be much longer before we can open for business?  All that stands in our way is a fire door and about 25 other items to check off….