A couple of old lags tell their story…

You know what they say about a change being as good as a rest?  Sometimes I think they fibbed.  We keep changing jobs – partly to keep things fresh, and mostly because we keep finding we need to complete job ii before we can continue with job i and so on….

Anyhow, two sets of stairs went in a couple of weeks ago, noting that the third set cannot go in until we have installed the trimmer against which they will rest.  The trimmer needs to go where there are currently 4 or 5 large pipes feeding hot and cold water supplies to the bathrooms – and the cafe – so the pipes need moving.  We therefore needed to pull down the ceiling (completed about a week ago) in order that we can see what we are doing.  In the shot below you may be able to make out the pipes on the right hand side of the light fitting, due for movement.

Entrance hall minus ceiling


We have decided, given that swift movement will be crucial to minimising any disruption in the cafe, to employ a plumber to move these and he has asked us to remove various items which had been stored in the loft through which he will gain access to the pipes.

Mike and I popped up into the loft space and were rather surprised to see considerable quantities of old Christmas decorations here, which had been left behind by the last owner – so far, so normal.  What really surprised us was the volume of decorations underneath the glass fibre lagging which had been used to lag the pipes!

One loft space (above the long corridor)

The eagle eyed among you may notice the bricked up window (we think) near the front on the left hand side.  We are hoping that this will line up with a new doorway we will need to create when we update the toilets next year…

So we cleared this all out, and vacuumed through, and then started lagging the pipes (modesty requires we whisper it) properly.  First we had to get some light up here.  After the flood light failed, and then the torch, we made do with a table lamp….

Mike practising his scary routine for the end of the month…

and then we played the ‘to me, to you, to me’ game a bit, with me passing Mike the pipe lagging, and then pieces of duck tape, as the crawl space is really quite narrow and we were, obviously, looking for optimum efficiency of operation whilst we made it up as we went along.

Loft space with pipes now mostly lagged…

Other than this, we have spent our regular two days in the cafe.  I have also spent a couple of hours trying to gloss paint one set of external doors before the winter arrives.  We carefully checked the weather forecast to find the only dry day forecast this week,… and it still managed to rain before I finished painting.  Oh, the wonders of moving from the driest part of Norfolk to North Wales!

Let’s hope we can find something more exciting to write about next time….

One thought on “A couple of old lags tell their story…

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Hope all is going well with you both? Don’t envy your exploits in the loft. I hated doing ours when we had the house & we could stand up in ours, but the fibres got everywhere and we seemed to be cleaning them up for ever.
    Glad to hear Jasper is well. I’ve been looking into Golden Paste for me to use as my arthritis is getting worse.
    Christmas Cards are progressing slowly as nothing got done this week as my Mum has had two falls which have really knocked her about. On the lighter side, my Nephew, when he heard she’d had 2 falls, asked her if she was trying for a submission or a knockout next time ! It made her laugh as he used to sit and watch the wrestling on a Saturday afternoon when he was little, with my Dad.
    Take care all of you.


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