A dog day bathternoon

After another scorching weeks work, I still have relatively few pictures to show for it.  It turns out that removing paint is really not a thrilling visual spectacle.  So instead, how about a couple of shots of our new puppy, now about 9 months old.

Who is this gorgeous animal?

Here we see Lola in uncharacteristic resting pose, because she and Bandit have just finished having a bit of a charge around . . .

That’s right – Lola (in the foreground, Bandit in the background)

… quite a lot of a charge around actually.  Here they are pretending they can’t see each other, so they can have a rest.

So we have taken off as much of the original paint as we dare…

After working at it for a week or so, the paint over the render has been mostly removed.  So today (having left it the best part of a week to dry off) we begin the task of repainting.  Mike was putting on a coat of ‘gravel’ to cover the really deep grey of the render top coat, which we then plan to cover with two coats of our livery colours.

…then started repainting with random colour before the rain which is due tomorrow…

Hopefully you will agree that even this colour (which we happened to find lying around Plas)  is better than the render colour.

With any luck, we can put the first coat of the livery colours on tomorrow morning.

Whilst Mike was doing this, I have been repainting the fence to give it a little lift, whilst Alex has been repainting the planters.  I have also been making preserves – this week, we have made our first blackcurrant jam since leaving Norfolk, along with a new batch of Orange and Ginger marmalade, which is pretty good even if I say so myself.

Our fence at the top of the slope has had a little refresh

And because I know how to enjoy myself, I have spent much of today moving baths around.  When these originally arrived, we put them under cover as quickly as possible, but several months later I have finally snapped and insisted these were moved from the library and the dining room into a large space I had cleared in the damp bit.  Let’s face it, they are baths, so a bit of relatively high humidity shouldn’t be a problem for them.  But as Mike was painting, and then starting to install the new (larger capacity) guttering, obviously it fell to Alex and I to move the baths.  So just in case your day was a bit lacklustre, I share with you the delightful picture of 20 baths in their new resting place – but not for long!

What can I say?

Today we took delivery of two brand new toilets and wash basins, so two baths will shortly be installed alongside these on floor 3.  By such baby steps are great strides taken.

2 thoughts on “A dog day bathternoon

  1. What an amazing job you are doing and in this heat. Lola looks a treasure, can’t wait to meet her. You could probably earn some extra cash by putting a few bath tubs in the car park and filling them with cold water. walkers and cyclists would pay to be able to lie in them whilst eating Janes cakes.

    1. Brilliant idea about the baths – shame we didn’t see it until after the weather had broken!
      Thanks for the positive comments – we are both so tired at the moment that it is great to read that we are doing something right!

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