A folk-ing good night was had by all

Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.

Mike has tinkered with one or two minor blips in the water containment abilities of this property.  First we found a few drips from one of the pipes leading to a radiator; and then a minor leak became evident during a rainstorm in one of the new roofs – but at least this is being caused by some work we knew would be necessary but have not yet started.  We have had BT out to repair a faulty phone line.  Mike has finished constructing the shell of the linen cupboard which I have now painted, so Mike should be able to add the shelves this week.  I have shopped till I dropped ready for our first big ‘event’ in the cafe.  I have sorted all the linen (no mean feat in a hotel which has had several owners recently) and have had another Welsh lesson.  We have fitted new signs to the building which were beautifully produced by Signz of Llanrwst, and Mike has fitted 5 exterior lights, to enhance the walk from car park to entrance.  Unfortunately, we don’t seem to have taken photos of any of these momentous items…

Then we come to the main event of the week: on Saturday night, we had the pleasure of hosting an evening of European music from the folk band Mouton (https://soundcloud.com/moutonnorthwales).

Mouton making music
Mouton making music


Mike and I really enjoyed the music, and the evening seemed to pass in a blur of good humour, conversation, chilli, and just a vague suspicion of alcohol.  As this was our first ever attempt at such a night, we hope it was as much fun for everyone else, and look forward to the next such occasion.


Speaking of which, a quick plug:

  •  on Friday 9th December – yes, in just under two week’s time – we will be hosting a Christmas Quiz night
  •  on Saturday 7th January 2017 – an evening with the covers band Jabberwocky.

Full details will be on our web pages shortly!