A Happy Birthday for Mike

My last posting left you with the obstructing water pipes having been moved, but before we put in the trimmer for the stairs, we wanted to check everything would fit (as the margin for error is about 25mm in about 2 metres!)

So on Friday we roped up the third flight of stairs and (with the help of Dick) raised them into position and took some measurements – and we are delighted to report all should fit once we are ready to put them finally into position.

Flying staircase, anyone?

So Friday night saw Mike sitting quietly as the day had been quite a physically active one.  Unbeknown to him, three of our children were wending their way to North Wales as a birthday surprise.  They had correctly guessed that some help from them would be a wonderful present.  It was also really timely as on Saturday we set up a human chain to move 8 foot by 4 foot insulation boards from the loading bay (a.k.a. the library) to the long corridor (see below)

Tom and Will giving a hand

where Tom and Will passed the board up through the gap where the pipes used to be to Charley and Damien who received it, and immediately passed it up to Mike and I on floor 2.  We made a temporary pile of these

Up a bit, left a bit…

after which Mike cut a hole in the ceiling of floor 2 so that the boards could be passed to floor 3, where they were required.

A hole in the ceiling, ready to post the boards through

Once all 20 boards had been passed up, we began to fit them in place.  We had already insulated between the roof joists; this board will be placed in front of that insulation and believe me, in these rooms some insultation is needed as the wind howls around them.  Below you can see a trigonometry lesson in progress (the teacher being Tom, the NQT holding the yellow gadget)

Whilst the men argue about how to proceed…

whilst Charley and I decided to take a more chilled approach to working out what to do next.

…the women consider the issue in their own way

Damien has now been fully integrated into White family life as he trims the angled ends onto the insulation board

Damien gets stuck in to the DIY

and then we began to fit the boards.

The insulation on floor 3 is beginning to look like it will work

Whilst we had all these hands available, we then completed a series of little jobs that had been on the ‘to do’ list for a while.  One example is moving the chair (seen below) from its temporary home for the last year into its final position.  But it did take four strong people and several thick pieces of wood to move the chair, and even more strength to move the slate on which it now sits (to stop it sinking too far into the grass).

Time for a well earned rest

Mike tells me he had a lovely birthday treat, so thanks kids – a brilliant idea.  We will get back to ‘normal’ work once they have all gone home.

2 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday for Mike

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Mike! How thoughtful of your Brood to provide some much needed labour.
    Hope all is well with you all.
    Lots of extra shifts due to illness and people leaving, so just paying a flying visit tosee what you’ve been up to then sleep.


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