A Happy Easter to everyone –

-especially those of us taking a few days off! This week we have been either (a) continuing to dismantle the old pre-fab chalet on site, (b) tiling the floor of the drying room and starting on the plumbing, or (c) tidying up, in preparation for guests arriving tomorrow.

Except for the two other more exciting things. I managed to give blood again at the end of last week, and it was interesting to see how things were different from the last (pre-covid) donation experience. But far more importantly, both Mike and I had our first Covid vaccination injection this week – great news! I’ve been fine; Mike had the full hot sweats and cold chills experience complete with a migraine – but we are both delighted to be half way to full vaccine cover.

As nothing we have done was very photogenic, instead I share with you photos from this lunchtime:

clear skies; lovely spring warmth; lunch eaten outside in between cleaning duties –

-and formulating vague plans to get back to work next week, at some point, but only if we dont decide it is too lovely in the sunshine and perhaps decide to live out here instead, relaxing!

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