A roaring good week…

The cafe has kept us reasonably busy over the past few days but the refurbishment continues also.

This is the ‘before’ shot from one of the third floor bathrooms…

I took this shot so that I would be able to spot the progress Mike makes as he works on the plumbing for the two bathrooms on floor 3.

I visited the Betws y Coed church fete on Sunday with son Tom and managed to acquire a fine collection of dinosaur models.  I shall keep their purpose secret for a while, to try to build some tension into our story, but if anyone knows of any dinosaurs surplus to requirements and looking for a new home, do please think of us.

Your starter for 10 regarding a project in the planning phase

Lola is still charming customers and guests alike.  She is certainly getting Mike out of bed earlier than he is used to, but it’s not as if we haven’t got things to do once we are up.

Someone is finding her feet – and her strength

My project this week is to continue work on the lower garden.  This is currently rather a junk yard, but I am trying to pick areas off, one at a time, for improvements.  Earlier this year we finished the raised beds; now it is the turn of the rough grass nearest the river bridge (i.e. roughly the area in the centre of this photo).

The lower garden, taken on Monday morning

Meanwhile, we are delighted to report that the scaffolding chaps arrived and removed all the pipes on Monday.

The scaffolding was taken down on Monday

It may have answered one question for us.  I have often wondered whether scaffolding a business premises affects trade.  We had thought things had been surprisingly quiet since the summer holidays started.  Yesterday was busier than we expected, and today was much busier than recently.  So not definitive yet – we need to wait a few more days to check this isn’t just a blip – but on current showing, we think the scaffolding definitely puts people off!

I hope you would all agree that it looks a little better now… we are hoping that the grey colour helps the original manor and the hotel extension blend together rather more.  Yes, I know there is a section on the front still needing some t.l.c.   Part of the front of the building was obstructed by the ‘bridge’ used by the scaffolders to avoid putting any weight onto the flat roof and risk damaging it.  Now the scaffolding is gone, we will put up our scaffolding tower and upgrade this section in a trice (assuming a trice is about 3 weeks).

…to reveal a partly re-painted exterior

Alex and I have now matted a small area of the lower garden, with the new planting poking through, and a layer of slate chippings to hold it all down.  Not my first choice for topping but (a) it gets rid of a pile of chippings we happen to have lying around and (b) we will be covering this with bark chippings at the end of the week in the hope the colour will blend in better.

If you look really hard, you can see progress in the lower garden

And now back to the serious work.  Below you can see in bathroom 2 that Mike has put in the cold water feed pipe and will soon be joining it to pipes just out of the range of the top of the picture…

Some pipes…

…whereas in bathroom 2 we have the full set of hot and cold water pipes plus the pipes to feed the radiator.

…and some other pipes

Mike tried to engage me in a detailed conversation about the use of plastic joints earlier but I have to admit, my head was too full of planting details to be able to pay full attention to his concerns.  I did tell him I was happy with whatever he decides, but I suspect I might have lost a few brownie points for not giving this issue sufficient serious consideration.  There is just something about plumbing that makes me want to put my fingers in my ears and start chanting that ‘I can’t hear you’……I really must try harder!

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