A small oasis of calm before the next storm…

Today, I feel I should be brutally honest and confess that, since I last wrote, we have achieved very little towards the project.  Mike and I have both spent most of each day in the cafe whilst Jane has been on a long weekend break now that the August rush is past.  Obviously we have taken the opportunity to make further nectarine jam, and also I have (with Tim) continued to tidy up some floors ready for the next phase of action.

The joiners have uplifted the over-size stairs, and we hope to receive a replacement set at their earliest convenience.  As the weather softens into Autumn, we have started to harvest the fire wood resulting from the four trees that pancaked down after storm Doris back in March.  I understand from Charley who visited this weekend that some of our landscape photographs are not quite telling the picture as we had hoped, so I will try to improve on this in future.  In the meantime, below you can see:

The root plate of tree number 1


Tree number one, less the branches, ready for slicing into rings, and


…see what a tidy job we have made with the trimmings?!


When we get ourselves organised (for which read ‘when our children arrive to spend some time with us’), we will press-gang folk into helping us move the logs over the very hilly ground to the house, ready to store for the winter.

On Saturday the weather here was wonderful – bright sunshine and relatively little breeze.   I was scheduled to be in a meeting in Llanrwst for most of the day whilst Mike manfully kept the cafe going almost single-handed, but no matter as part of the meeting was within a fantastic church in Llanrwst that I hadn’t even realised existed.  If you are ever in the area, I thoroughly recommend that you find St Grwst’s church in Llanrwst which, among other things, has a stunning rood screen and a remarkably peaceful atmosphere.

The river Conwy as it runs next to St Grwst’s church, Llanrwst on Saturday

Domestically, we have had the pleasure of welcoming various members of our extended family to stay and enjoy the fantastic scenery and walking – or in one case the Bala triathlon (rather Mark than me).  In any quiet moments, I have been sowing the last of my seed delivery, and am delighted to report that I have now sown most of the seeds which I hope to be able to plant out as healthy young plugs next Spring/Summer.  I will get perhaps as much as a month off now before I will need to return to the polytunnel to pot on the seedlings.  Mind you, I understand this is also the best time or year to take Rhododendron cuttings (of the non-ponticum cultivars, naturally) so perhaps I won’t put the gardening gloves away yet.  Also, I have planted two Garrya elliptica plants into the new planters Mike made last week, to allow the plants to establish well this autumn, before I tie them to the house next Spring.

2 thoughts on “A small oasis of calm before the next storm…

  1. Hi Carrie,
    Those stairs kep coming back to haunt you, don’t they?
    Glad to see the difference in the gardens. Am really looking forward to seeing your progress when we are on holls next year.


    1. Dear Kim
      Thanks! Stairs are a definite issue in terms of my mental health, but you might be able to guess this in tonight’s posting which I am currently preparing!
      Look forward to seeing you next time – hope there might be something for you to see!
      All the best

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