A spark of excitement for us both

We continue to work on refurbishing the rooms on floor 2.  Here you can see the doorway that used to lead from one bedroom into its ensuite bathroom being boarded up and insulated…

The doorway into the old en suite, being boarded up

…and then finished with plywood, since this is a structural wall…

The Insulation now nearly hidden by the plywood layer…

…followed by plasterboard.  The insulation you can see is only visible as we can’t replace the ceiling until Mike has found time to run some electrical cables through here.

…and now the plasterboard almost all in place

Alex and I had just finished boarding up the doorway when Mike popped his head round to see how we were doing, and may regret that I happened to have a camera to hand!

Mike just checking that the troops are up to scratch

On the third floor, we have now finished laying the cables for the rewiring.  Mike visited the local electrical wholesalers on Wednesday where he found an Aladdin’s cave of items he just couldn’t resist, along with some pretty basic stuff like some 16mm twin and earth cable, 2.5mm twin and earth, sockets, earth straps, consumer units, RCDs etc.  See what a thrilling life we lead!

Mike’s earthing is something to be admired

Here you can see on floor 3 that the wires for the main circuits are now in place, ready to be fed into the consumer unit (that’s the new name for a fuse box, for those of us still understanding old fashioned electrical stuff) when he decides to fit them.  Which will be slightly after he fits all the socket boxes and light switches and.. so nearly finished then…

Do we have sufficient wires, do you think?

That’s the end of the photos for now.  The other interesting thing to happen this week happened on Friday when a location scout came looking around the area for somewhere that an actor could – amongst other things – run into a river.  We know this because she parked in our car park whilst out walking and when she came back for a coffee before collecting her car, Mike had a chat about what she was looking for.  It turns out that we may well be able to supply this need from our woodland and the old gamekeepers path down to the river.  Who knows -we may soon be host to huge stars in the cafe, or even minor stars.  Either way, if so, we will try to get signed photos from everyone to start our celebrity wall.  Don’t worry – we are not remotely star struck – we are keeping all feet firmly on the ground.  Mike has only mentally spent any income about four times by now…

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