A tale of pipes and doors and showers and fans

We continue to soldier on whilst we await the arrival of the staircase.  Fortunately, we are not short of a few things to do as we wait.

On Wednesday, the scaffolding firm returned to re-organise the scaffolding, now that the top platform and stairs of the fire escape have been removed.  With these gone, we needed the scaffolding to carry on to the top of the building to enable us to paint all of the render, plus the barge boards etc.

Scaffolding, after a tweak, now reaches the top of the building

We have continued to repair the last door of this stage, which we have now rehung and re-glazed:

In case you were in any doubt, yes, it has been cold here as well as wet lately!


Door back in place.  What a view there should be from this room, after one or two minor jobs have been completed…

Whilst Mike stripped paint off the eaves, I turned my attention to demolishing the shower stall and adjacent cupboard

So I removed the door from the cupboard on the right, and the tiles from the left hand wall, before I remembered to take a photograph


After a few more tiles have been removed, and the plasterboard behind them, we found the original external wall for the Manor

We will pause on this demolition for a day or so until Mike is able to disconnect the water.  We also need to pause to consider what we will do about the old ‘external’ wall being revealed: will we wish to make this a ‘feature’ wall in the new stairwell and – if so- what will we do about the section filled with cement blocks (see bottom right above) which filled what was once a large window aperture.

On Friday, we had a day off.  No really – a whole day without contributing to the rebuild, shock, horror!  Mike managed to catch a few moments to check his bees (it has been very cold and wet here) and I started making a skirt as Mike had heroically found the time to help me repair the sewing machine.

Today, we were in the cafe for most of the day, except when I clambered up the scaffolding to paint stabilizing solution over the new render, ready for painting, and when Mike finished putting together an inlay order for an old customer of ours.

Mike has assembled all the elements of this fan onto sticky-backed plastic – how very Blue Peter are we…
…and Mike now tapes all the pieces properly together


I am hoping that our next post will show something quite lovely ….

2 thoughts on “A tale of pipes and doors and showers and fans

  1. Hi Carrie & Mike,
    That door looks a lot better than the last picture of it.
    I love the inlay too. From the first photo I assumed it was quite large but it’s tiny but lovely. Is there no end to that man’s talents? Sewing machine repairs too. My 2 are going for service/repair this week.
    Been reading but not commented as we’ve got visitors. David’s parents are down from Scotland for a week, so we’ve been out and about with them. Looking forward to the next installment.


    1. Dear Kim
      Hope you have been enjoying time with David’s parents.
      We can make inlays to whatever size you like. Conventional inlays tend to be reasonably small (say no longer than 15cm) but in our previous career we used to make table tops, doors and so on – it was fantastically creative, but then so is our current occupation!
      Off to write the next instalment…

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