A tale of two ceilings

I hope you haven’t been too worried since I last showed you the damp spot we found on one of the newly refurbished walls.

Now how on earth did that happen?

Mike spotted this last Friday morning and so, on my return from Welsh classes, we investigated further…

It looked much worse within the bathroom

…and found that this wasn’t just the result of someone being too enthusiastic in the bath. Having scratched our heads a bit, and noticed a smaller but definite water stain on the floor below all this, we realised surgery was required. Mike took Stanley knife in hand, took a deep breath, and…

That first cut is definitely the deepest…

…cut below the point where we suspected something was amiss. And we were right (and in the right place, which was even better!) One of the very few plastic joints we have used in the plumbing had sprung a leak. We think the leak had started relatively recently, but it was dripping enough that there was plenty of water on the woodwork as well as in the plasterboard and down the wall…

One drip or two?

Mike tweaked the pipework first, to see if we could stop the leak, but all that did was move the leak to a different part of the joint. So as you can see below…

We never liked that particular joint anyway

…we cut away part of the plastic and inserted a new piece of copper pipe with a proper compression joint. We left it for several days to dry out fully

Ceiling nearly repaired

and earlier today Mike patched the ceiling whilst I was once again learning my new language (new to me, anyway).

But this was not the end of our ceiling adventure. You may also recall a large chunk of the library ceiling fell down a month or so ago. We had planned to mend this one day, but when we had a very cold day last week, we really noticed how much cold air was dropping into the ground floor through this hole.

One thump or two?

Mike set to with hammer (and in some places lump hammer) to remove the lose pieces at the edge of the hole whilst I draped the lower area with old sheets (can’t think where we got those from?!)

and after it was plasterboarded, Mike spent a happy few hours skimming the board, so we now have a functional but undecorated ceiling.

We will decorate it at some point, but we need to remove all the ceiling and wallpaper in the library first, and that is not at the top of our ‘to do’ list. So we dismantled the scaffolding tower and prepared to return to the next job, which is installing the next fire door (if weather is wet) or completing the last bits of the external balconies (if weather is dry).

Our money is on Boyd, but Lola is still trying to pursuade him to ‘play’.

As the photos are not very pretty this week, I include one of the pets for your enjoyment.

Our other news this week is that last night, Mike and I watched a documentary on BBC4 entitled ‘Climategate: Science of a Scandal’. I was working in the Environmental Sciences school at UEA (the focus of much of the programme) when the crisis hit and it was interesting to see what long terms effects it had and also to realise how time has flown over the past 10 years!

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