A walk on the Llugwy side

We have decided to create a leaflet specifically to encourage folk to walk from Betws y Coed across to Plas Penaeldroch. To that end, clearly we needed to walk the walk to ensure our instructions are accurate.  Thanks to our good friends Julie and Yvonne, we already held their text for the walk so Mike bravely ventured out yesterday morning, complete with the requisite gear,  to navigate from St Mary’s Betws y Coed to here.  After a brief lunch, he and I then walked the alternative route back to the Miner’s bridge and then drove back to write up our route.  During the day Mike saw:

Llyn Elsi in the distance…


—and then a closer view of the lake and its surroundings


followed by the river Llugwy in Betws y Coed

But I wouldn’t want you to think it has been all beer and skittles.  No, we have also been on our regular destroy and rebuild cycle.

We have stripped the window on floor 3, removed the old glass and reglazed with double glazed panels.  I have planted several plants (including a lovely Viburnum mariesii dropped off today by our neighbour Annabelle and several others  from Carrie and Bill) and then returned to the grunt work, taking down stud walls to bathrooms and wallpaper on walls not being demolished.

We have waved Tom goodbye as he travels to work in Thailand for several months as a King Cobra tracker – who managed to get an upgrade from steerage to Business Class!!!

The old window before it is covered over

Mike has modified his frame to cover the old window that will become part of the stairwell, as the fit had been too exact.  After modification, it still required several taps with the engineers hammer to fit in place, but as you can see it is now in place…

And now covered over with fireproof board, with more to be added soon

Clearly, when the engineers tap is required, some of us are less equal than others, so I took myself off to the third floor above the cafe, with two purposes in mind.  The first was to demolish the ‘crooked’ portion of the central dividing wall as this will not be needed in the new design.  As you can see, the plasterboard has been removed, but I have left the skeleton for dramatic purposes for the moment.  we have now turned our attention to the wallpaper on the end wall, which needs to be removed before insulation can be installed.

The dividing wall now partly dismantled, and wallpaper being stripped from the end wall

I’m not entirely sure what I have sat in to explain the white bottie, but will blame that on the plaster dust.  So tomorrow we will be exploring the Velux windows to see if we can work out how to replace the glass (or in one case polycarbonate sheet) in these!