A weekend, and a wedding, to remember

We have not been terribly productive since I last wrote.

Yesterday, Mike created a new loft access hatch in bedroom 1 on floor 3, as the old one was located just above the new wall.  This should enable us to resolve insulation issues above floor 3, and also finish the ceiling in this bedroom.  He has plastered the reveals (that’s the edges to the uninitiated, like me) on a further Velux window, and arranged for scaffolding to be delivered next week to enable us to begin painting the outside of the building.

A new loft hatch being created

Yesterday I was in the cafe whilst Mike worked on this hatch, and Alex (our new employee helping Mike so I can have a bit of a break from the heavier work) was helping with garden-related activity.

Today, Mike continued to tweak floor 3 rooms whilst Alex and I worked on the landscaping in between my running the cafe.

The reason for this slightly modest progress on the building work is that it was our eldest daughter’s wedding last weekend.  We took a few days off to travel down to Cowbridge (slightly to the left of Cardiff) for the celebrations and Jane (with helpers) did a sterling job keeping the cafe working in our absence – for which, many thanks!  We had a fantastic time with family who had travelled many miles (and in some cases several continents) to be with the happy couple.  Below are a couple of informal shots taken on the day by our elder son, Tom.

The beautiful cake as created by the parents of the bride here at Penaeldroch, and a couple of people cutting it


The happy couple

For those interested int eh building rather than the other flummery, we hope normal service will be resumed soon!


2 thoughts on “A weekend, and a wedding, to remember

  1. What lovely pictures, the cake and the happy couple look gorgeous. Looks like you had the weather for it, hope it was not too hot.
    love JYF.

    1. Julie – it was a fabulous day and everyone very happy. Very hot on the day – Charley asked at one point if we could see the droplets she could feel running down her back, but mercifully they couldn’t be seen! Less happy news last weekend – Hugo has left Phil, who is being very brave about it given there was apparently no sign anything was wrong, (certainly all looked well at the wedding) and he offered no explanation. So apologies for being a bit weary here – still a bit short on sleep following my mad dash to Kent on Sunday. Hope all well with you, Carrie

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