After the hack…news at last!

Welcome back, even though it was us that went away.
I imagine you might have thought we had forgotten all about you. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have been anxiously awaiting the return of our web pages so that we could contact you, ever since we noticed that our web pages were no longer visible last week. We contacted our webmaster (aka our son Will) who informed us that the firm hosting our site lists ‘unscheduled maintenance’ as the reason for the many, many websites they host being down. We suspect this is a euphemism for some technical hiccough which I can’t even begin to guess!
So, today, I am loading a very brief blog, so that you know all remains well here, and plan to upload a longer version tomorrow to catch you up with our most recent activities.

We are still working on two principle areas. Whilst the lovely dry weather persists, we can be found either levering unwanted rhodo stems off the rocks:

How on earth should I tackle this one?
How on earth should I tackle this one?

I am still working slowly down the rock face, trying to remove the ‘issues’ in logical sequence – but can you tell it is hard work?

Success is nearly within my grasp
Success is nearly within my grasp

or working on the re-glazing. It was such a no-brainer that all the windows needed the glass replacing as so many panes were misted up, and the paintwork needed serious attention. The necessary contortions required to complete this work are only now becoming clear to us. Many of the panes are in locations that allow no access from outside the building, so we are trying to do almost all the work from the inside.

This maneouvre is tougher than it looks!
This manoeuvre is tougher than it looks!

More details to follow – including news of our own river based swimming pool!

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