After the wind came the rain

…and in Biblical quantities!

You can just about see through the haze of rain that the river level is rather high,..

…and here you can see that upriver of the bridge, the river has escaped into the field…

…and here the river is thundering through under the bridge.

We particularly like the shot above as it nearly shows how the river level dropped sharply under the bridge. It was as though the water was waiting politely for its friends to manage to get under the bridge…but once through, it was everyone for themselves and away we go, as fast as we can!

One, two, three – stretch…

Back to the refurb. We have been working on the hallway on floor 2, trying to change this from a building site into a series of rooms ready for painting. Here you can see Carrie in her new-normal activity of painting…

Meanwhile, Mike has been boxing in some pipes in the ensuite bathroom on floor 3. He has been avoiding this task for at least the last three weeks, so I want to thank him publicly for getting this done.

And this time, to give a better sense of scale.

This particular bathroom had a bit of a tangle of pipes at this point, so we chose to box them in for safety, as well as for visual appeal. Or perhaps I should say everyone but Mike thought they should be boxed in, and Mike was rather less convinced. So I am very grateful that he has allowed us to persuade him, and I hope to show you the box looking rather less intrusive after it has had its colour adjusted a tad during the week.

Oh, and no pressure, but we have ordered the carpet for the top two floors! This will be delivered and laid on April 4th. And the first of the furniture arrived, flat packed, earlier today. So the clock is genuinely ticking…

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