All play and no work makes for a new style of posting

What a marvellous weekend we have had.  Really wonderful.  The weather has been spectacularly sunny and warm, with just enough breeze to keep us from completely overheating – which is super given we are still in May.  Trees are now in full leaf (while two weeks ago may were far from clothed) and the greenery is really coming on apace.

We have been busy socially.  On Saturday we entertained a party of nine horse riders and on Sunday we catered for a further four.  Today (Monday) I had a lovely chat with a couple who had travelled from the West Midlands and dropped by because they had had heard at home that Plas was closed and who – after I explained our plans and the timetable – promised to come and check us out next year.  Sadly, the family visitors we were expecting had to drop out due to ill health, but we did entertain a secondary school friend of mine who I haven’t seen since the early 1980’s and her husband (Annapurna and Julian), and friend Gill from Bristol is here now until Thursday.  This has meant a lot of discussion of our plans and, more importantly, a great deal of useful feedback and ideas on what we might wish to include in our plans alongside a good deal of gentle ribbing as to whether or not we will be ready in time / will ever finish the project / have bitten off more than is sensible / need to see a mental health specialist.

We spent much of this weekend walking the very local paths with our visitors – thus avoiding the Bank Holiday rushes in the towns and villages – which this afternoon meant a visit to the local alpacas.  Oh, if only we had thought to take a camera or phone with us!  And the only ‘progress’ made this weekend was 4 hours of wallpaper stripping on Saturday and further baby steps towards a new garden bed from me, and the cutting of veneer components for some inlaid fans from Mike.  We plan to return to work tomorrow, reinvigorated from our long weekend, fuelled by our weekend vegetarian diet, and ready to really move things along.

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