All quiet on the Welsh front…

…when it comes to the rebuilding work, as we are still flat out being hoteliers – which is great news! We remain in the very lucky position that if a booking is cancelled because people’s plans change, it is generally less than an hour later that the vacancy is booked up again. We continue to make plans for the rebuilding work – Mike is booking hire equipment ready for early next month but for now we are too busy ironing sheets and cooking breakfasts to be making massive progress ourselves.

On the other hand Niall is making great progress.

Many of you will know that the ‘old’ front door currently allows access to the cafe/restaurant, and the entrance porch -if you were able to open it – leads to a rather sad 1970’s interior-grade door. Bizarrely, the entrance porch cannot be entered from the outside as there is a locked access door with no handle at the end – which we plan to change.

The first step is to commission Niall to make us a traditional-style entrance door to fit the aperture, and you can see it coming together below.

Earlier today, we solemnly agreed the size of the glass panes we need to order, so my hope is that we will soon be able to fit this door, and once that makes the house secure we will be able to amend and improve the entrance porch.

Looking at our booking system, it may be another two weeks before I can update you again, but here’s hoping we have some interesting news for you then…

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