And now autumn approaches

The last few days have been very interesting in the cafe/restaurant.  Customer numbers had been creeping up during the week, but the external temperature has been steadily falling, so Mike focused on installing the radiators on Wednesday through to Friday – so that when the oil has arrived we can turn on the central heating.  We have been lighting the stove each morning, which has worked well to keep the chill off, but realise that this will not be sufficiently powerful to keep the room cosy soon.

On Friday, we installed the chip fryer and so can now serve the burger and chips / sausage, egg and chips / bowl of chips variations that are already proving very popular.  It may be this, or it may be the extra signs that Mike has put up, but Saturday was really rather busy.  Sadly, I was attending a treasurers’ training course in Caernarfon at the time so was not able to help Mike and Jane,  neither could any of us attend the local village Fun Day.  And today the work was also tightly packed around lunchtime, but at least we now have experience of working in this venue when everyone arrives together, so we can plan on how to minimise the problems for next time.

The other thing to share is how fantastic the area is looking at this time of year.  I am not sure that this photo will fully show the beauty, but the tree colours are just beginning to change.  The yellows and oranges are beginning to intensify in the leaves, so I plan to take regular photos to show you the view from just outside the restaurant and how it changes this autumn.

The leaves are just beginning to turn, photographed on October 15th
The canopy colour as recorded on a slight cloudy October 15th