Another brick in the wall!

We continue to add blocks to the walls of our storage area / external toilets and showers / boiler room, because we have come this far and so we might as well continue…until 1st June anyway!

The tarpaulin gives a hint to the weather we have been having, After work, if rain is forecast, we use the tarp to protect our work from the ravages of the rain. As you look at the photo above, the wall nearest the road is now at its full height…

…whilst we have only just started bricking over the lintel nearest Siabod. Whisper it quietly, but we had to do this twice on one face, as we forgot to include the trickle vents first time round!

Here you are looking at the end nearest Siabod, where we are still one course of blocks short generally, and two short over the lintel.

Above is the view into the storage area, now at full height, and below you find us putting the final block on the interior leaf, having almost completed the internal wall that will separate the shower room from the boiler room.

We will be busy next week with guests, and when we move into June we have decided we will return to working on the timber-framed suites (as we need to have the roof on before winter) – and, for me, next month cannot come a day too soon!!

2 thoughts on “Another brick in the wall!

  1. Whenever we watch the national weather, I think of you all and the building work you are trying to get done. Keep at it you will succeed
    Best wishes to all for some better weather in Flaming June

    1. Thanks, Julie. We watch the weather forecast very carefully, and then frequently ignore it if we think there is a chance of progressing before the rain falls. The last week has given us some good weather here though so we will keep hoping, as you say, for a flaming June!!

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