Are we building, or cake making..?

We have had a busy week in the cafe this week. As the weather is picking up, more people are around and about in the area, and this Bank Holiday weekend, more so than normal. This weekend, Mike and I have only just managed to keep on top of demand in the cafe and are thrilled that we will need to look to recruit additional help soon.

Can you guess where the doorway used to be?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the building work continues. Last week Mike plastered several walls. As you can see here, the different rates of drying of the plaster clearly shows where the old door into the en-suite bathroom has been blocked off.

I think we should ask Mike to ice more cakes – it can’t be that different from plastering, can it?

Mike is continuing with one of his preferred activities, and has now plastered about half of the rooms on floor 1.

Carrie back on her favourite occupation, painting…

This enables me to return to painting and, again, I have mist coated about half of the first floor.

I think we should ask Mike to whisk up the cake mixes – it can’t be that different from mixing plaster, can it?

Here we see Mike mixing plaster – photo included just so I can ask the silly question in the caption above.

Carrie cutting a channel for the wiring –

I would love to ask a similarly silly question here but, sadly, I’m not sure that there is a similar activity involved in cake making on which to make a joke.

We are now one month into the three months we had left to finish the rooms, but we are not entirely clear if we are up to target as Mike has totally gone off piste and is not following the schedule! How dare he – I mean, anyone would think he was in charge of this project or something?!

Seriously, we still think we should be open by end July, but I do plan to gently persuade him (!) to work in a slightly different order soon, in order that we can better predict when we are likely to be ready. After all, there is no pressure here…

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