As one newly aligned door opens…

I am writing to you from a slightly gritty keyboard.  Over the past few days, we have moved the front door and dismantled a couple of slate-faced columns and, although we put up plastic sheets to control the dust, we hadn’t quite bargained on the strength of the wind.  This blew, then gusted, through the house whilst the front door was no longer completely secure, and then billowed round our carefully positioned defences…

Monday was slightly stressful as we unscrewed the (as it turns out, very heavy) front door; dismantled and moved the door frame; and rehung the front door.  We only needed a little bit (!) of help from Gary, the boiler man, with this as I fear my musculature wasn’t up to supporting the door in the increasingly accurately defined positions necessary for us to reconnect the hinges to the slots in which they belonged.

Front door in new location - primer anyone?
Front door in new location – primer anyone?

Tuesday saw me priming windows again (only 1 small set now outstanding, plus the door above) whilst Mike completed the necessary works on the front door and then began to dismantle the slate-faced pillars.  All went well until the breaker puttered and fell silent.  I won’t repeat the hour long saga of trying to work out why it had failed; contacting the supplier – who had no further breakers in stock but could collect it for refund; studying the internet to find no others available in local stores, so we had to order a larger version (think, ‘we’ll have to have it, it’s all that is available’, said in a tense voice) for delivery tomorrow….and then, around 6.30 pm as we pack the breaker back into its case ready for collection, noticing the nicked flex where, presumably, a chunk of masonry has ruined the integrity of the electricity supply.  A quick magic repair and all is well and collection for refund cancelled.  Phew!  Of course, we have not cancelled the order for the larger tool since I am assured we will find a need for it over the next couple of days / weeks / years…

Now, what was I supposed to be doing with this?
Now, what was I supposed to be doing with this block?

Wednesday was fun, as Mike and I took it in strict turns to either (a) operate the breaker and dismantle the pillar structures or (b) shovel all the mess into either the slate or the rubble wheelbarrow and then tip into heaps as appropriate.  Yesterday afternoon I made some inlay fans, a throw back to the veneering business we used to run, partly as the customer needs them soon and partly as my body needed a rest from the more testing pursuits of late.  Mike meanwhile finished clearing the new lobby, sorting out the electrical cables that emerged from one of the pillars, and considering how we would hide the soiled water pipe that we also uncovered.

On less strenuous fronts, we have seen a rep from a fire alarm company; have ordered the glazed panels for the front door (to replace plywood infill, and thus permit more light into the lobby); liaised further with Planning about the proposed labyrinth; and have begun revising the schedule to see if we can still hope to open the restaurant mid-August.

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