Autumn in all its glory

This posting is prompted hugely by the unbelievably fantabulous landscape in which we now live.  To give you a quick taste, below is a view if you stand outside the bar next to the fence and look left towards Dolwyddelan.  Notice some of the trees have now shed their leaves, so I plan to major on more photos today before the wind has a chance to arrive as is forecast for later this week and takes so much of the colour with it.


Or perhaps you would prefer this view, which is essentially a moodier shot of the same view but standing a few feet further to the left of the last one, and taken several hours later.


Incidentally, between the two shots above, you may also notice Moel Siabod’s disappearing trick in action.  Its become quite a sport between us to check every day whether Siabod has been overtaken by modesty, or is proudly showing its grandeur to the world (or at least those living nearby).

Now to turn to more domestic issues for a moment.  Mike has been repairing the ceiling in bedroom 8.  You may recall a couple of months ago that we had an internal waterfall and part of the ceiling collapsed.  Now that it has fully dried out, Mike took the scaffolding tower up into the room and has patched the ceiling with plasterboard and plastered over so that, once we have painted, no one will ever know…..

Here's the reapir Mike made earlier
And this is the repair Mike made earlier


Meanwhile, I have had by far the more exciting job – yes, I’ve been painting…

Putting the black top coat over the grey undercoat for the door panels - then only the white top coat and I'll be finished
Putting the black top coat (right) over the grey undercoat (left) for the door panels – after that, only the white top coat to go and I’ll be finished


You might notice from the state of my (now) painted jumper that there has been some collateral damage during this exercise.  In case you think I have been particularly careless with the gloss, I should reassure you that most of the paint on my sweater is due to applying masonry paint to the new render on the front of the cafe.  It was fairly obvious where I had painted onto new render, as wall changed from grey through light grey to white with the second, final, coat.  However, when painting over areas that had previously been painted, it was not so obvious that they were wet.  So when I started to lose my balance on the small step (in shot) when painting behind and above the guttering (see pic below) I must have leaned against a wet bit momentarily – or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Oh and when I was climbing the ladder to paint about 5 metres up, I might have found myself  cradling the paint between my jumper and the ladder, so one or two of the drips from the tin transferred to my clothing.  Personally, I think this is a sign of committed painting: Mike thinks its simply that for me, painting is something of a whole-body experience.

Up a bit, back a bit...
Up a bit, back a bit…mind the dog….

At least the new work trousers took all of the damage below the waist.

This week also saw us cleaning out the grease trap (yes, that really was every bit as exciting as you might be imagining), meeting some more lovely people in the cafe, booking a band to play here in January, and I attended a masterclass in social media use, which I hope will become evident over the next few weeks.  In addition, Mike has been repairing the linen cupboard (since one wall has clearly previously suffered from at least one flood and possibly also a fire).  His investigation lead him to check out the room above this cupboard, and from there into a cupboard which had been nailed shut when we arrived.  It turns out this door was hiding a roof access, and on entering Mike has discovered the reason for one of the major roof leaks that has been showing several linear feet away- and cured it!

On Saturday,  Jasmine (who I used to work with) visited and we had a great time catching up on Norwich-centric gossip.  We have also entertained family this weekend.  Tony (Mike’s big brother) and Jo popped down from Yorkshire for a short weekend to see the new cafe, and son Will swung over from Sheffield.  Will is a self-confessed IT nerd who has been amazingly helpful this weekend sorting out glitches on our electronic systems, but I think it is likely I will have built up a new list of problems by the time of his next visit.

But enough of us.  I will finish with what may be our last shot of the stupendous autumn colours  just outside this building

The view from outside the front door, facing right towards Betws y Coed
The view from outside the front door, facing right towards Betws y Coed (with our two new raised beds just visible at the bottom)

How can you resist – do come and visit some day!