Baby, it’s cold outside…and inside…

Man, it has been cold this week. I am typing with my finger-less gloves on as the alternative is too terrible to contemplate. I so look forward to us opening the rooms, when it will make economic sense to heat more of the building…

The view as you leave via Plas front door last Tuesday.

On the other hand, as ever, the countryside here looks fab under a soft coating of snow, which has persisted all week.

Doorway now fully insulated and ready for finishing

In an attempt to avoid freezing, we have had to continue working. Here you can see that we have finished insulating the stud wall which will close an old doorway on floor 2 – and you can see the new supervisor checking out the work-person-ship.

Meanwhile, Mike was installing the newly arrived half-glazed fire doors. On each floor, we will install one of these fire doors as the access from the stairwell, so that people in the suites of rooms can check that their exit is safe before entering the stairwell.

We have a new superviser…

Lola was checking out Mike’s work here, as well. Notice that there are now two fire rated ‘front’ doors – one fully glazed, closest to the stairs, and one wooden door beyond that.

Whilst this was going on, Alex and I were still finishing our door closure programme.

Alex in action…

With the door frame in place, Mike cut rebates to fit the door hinges…

Mike installing the hinges (and yes, it was that cold!)

and, having fitted the hinges, it was a three-person job to hang the door – Mike on the drill; Alex holding the door in place; and your’s truly ensuring the hinges were correctly aligned before Mike screwed them in place.

Now the door can be hung

Another task this week – which was rather timely given how fantastically COLD it has been here – was to insulate the loft space above floor 3. Below you can see the space, after we have cleared out the old floorboards, paint cans, and mysterious shelving which we think indicated that previous occupants had intended to grow things in this space which they probably didn’t want people knowing about….

The loft – after all suspicious items had been removed

All we needed was a few rolls of this…

Insulation rolls

…and then we had a fully insulated space – especially one day later, after all of the fibres had had time to fluff up.

It looks like an alien world now…

Today, I finished encasing the new fire door surround with fire-resistant plasterboard….

Don’t let the relaxed attitude mislead you – this is totally skilled input, you know…

…and then Mike and I finished tiling the shower surround, once the pallet of tiles had been delivered.

Mike finishing off the shower tiling

We then turned our attention to the other bathroom on floor 2. Having removed two old toilets, it was my job to remove the old tiles and plasterboard, ready for plywood installation next week.

Carrie removes the old plasterboard, ready for the plywood to be installed.

As usual, we will now be working Sunday and Monday in the cafe. Why not tune in next week to find out just what we have been getting up to.

2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside…and inside…

    1. And I haven’t told you the best bit yet – we are back on marmalade production!! We are experimenting with the use of a food processor to cut out all the tedious chopping, and will let you know how that goes… Hope all is well with you both.

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