Back in harness and raring to go…

I am pleased to report that Mike and I had a lovely few days on Anglesey, and are returned rested and ready for some work.  I would fill in the details of our holibobs, but as we sort of read as read a book, slept, read a book, watched a film, slept…, it might be a bit too dull even for my updates!

Anywho, we rushed back so that I didn’t miss my welsh lesson this morning, and after I went shopping to replenish cafe stores this afternoon, Mike and I re-started the refurbishment work with a vengeance.  Having had no word from the plumber for a month now (who we are confident is working hard on people’s broken down heating systems, but we wish he would just let us know revised e.t.a.), Mike has reluctantly made a start on disconnecting pipes, with me as the faithful mate holding drip cloths and spare spanners…

Hmm – what are we looking at exactly?

Here we can see the hot water feed and return alongside the cold water mains feed and tank feed.  Mike turned off the supply and drained the cold water feed for the bathtubs, which we then cut, carefully collecting the drips in a mug (seen below)  via a cunning tin foil under-tray.  Cheered by this success, we cut through the cold water mains feed (toilets and hand basins) [I hope you are enjoying these gripping details] which dripped a little as one might have hoped.

Oh, that thing – of course!

Next, we cut through the hot water return but this pipe dripped rather more dramatically than either of the other two.  So dramatically, in fact, that we tried to hold back the tide with our thumbs, and when that -predictably – failed, we scratched our heads for a while,  On removing our thumb, the water arced high above the pipes so we used a cap to deflect the water downwards into the mug (using the dustpan as a saucer to catch drips).

But this thingummy here seems to be dripping a bit more than expected…

Mike  left me in charge of a couple of mugs and a large bucket into which these could be drained, whilst he disappeared to try to work out where on earth the water was still coming from.  After he fiddled with some more taps and valves, Mike worked out what hadn’t yet been turned off, and we then managed to contain and finally stop the deluge before fitting the stop ends (or whatever they are known as by the plumbing fraternity) to the third severed pipe.  After this, we cut the hot water feed.  We were pretty confident this one shouldn’t be too much of a problem because when Mike turned additional things off due to the large drip, this pipe changed from being uncomfortably hot to the touch to rather cool, so we kind of hoped that the feed for this pipe had also been turned off.  This final pipe cutting turned out to be satisfyingly tame.


This nail file doesn’t seem to be as sharp as I thought…

On the plus side everything was watertight when the myriad of stopcocks were turned back on!

During the work, I might have had a word with the boss-man about how I had found the hacksaw very difficult to use.   Obviously, I have blamed the saw not functioning on my relatively pathetic strength but I suspect the sharpness of the blade might have been the real issue and I am hopeful that before we try this sort of task again, we might check how sharp the tools are first.   I should further note that we have also agreed that this is the last time we will undertake major tasks such as plumbing work when Mike is recovering from a migraine the day before, as we both noted that the rate of progress was not dazzling under the circumstances and rather more eventful than expected.

We remain delighted to report, though, that we are back in harness and looking forward to returning to proper progress now we are re-energized!


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