Back to work for us – still enjoying our superb office

Today has been a great day for autumn colour enthusiasts.  Here’s hoping the wind keeps away for a few more weeks so that we can enjoy this spectacle for as long as possible.  Today I needed to drive to one of the builders merchants that we frequent, but there was no contest: on a sunny day, the drive to Blaenau Ffestiniog is awe-inspiring, and the journey back even lovelier.  So obviously I will include a reference shot of the forest so you can check the progress of the season.

Our view is getting more appealing every day
Our view is getting more appealing every day


You may well be wondering what we have been doing.  Today has been almost like a return to the earlier days, except with a steady stream of visitors to the cafe to chat with!   Mike and Adrian erected the scaffold tower in bedroom 8 to put a plasterboard patch into the ceiling that fell down a few months ago.  Meanwhile, I primed a whole new variety of wooden components near the front door, then painted stabilising solution on the new render, and then started top-coating the black sections of the front door.  the photo below obviously doesn’t do my hard work justice…


Front door, still mid-refurbishing
Front door, still mid-refurbishing

as I left it rather late in the day to take the snap, so the light isn’t with me.

Jane very kindly took some photos earlier in the day as we modelled our new work trousers.  These were purchased by our (grown-up) children as anniversary presents, so we include the photo below as evidence that (a) they arrived in the post (b) they fit and (c) that we are very impressed with them as presents and will be working in them from now on:

An attempt at a moody shot, which didn't quite work
An attempt at a moody shot, which didn’t quite work


so we took this detail photo to show the details
so we took this photo to remove a lot of the distraction, and highlight the details


But of course, this was all too much for Mike.  Never a man to do things by half, or be sensible for longer than is absolutely necessary, he then decided as we had the clothes, the forest, and a photographer, we should take that catalogue shot to make us stars as we stared moodily into the distance

yes, well....least said...
yes, well….least said… shall we not give up the day job?

Excitingly, I have now started unpacking some of the boxes we have yet to manage to unpack from our move – ridiculously in a property this size, we just need to find somewhere to put the contents.  I have also booked onto another course, so this week as well as lesson 5 ‘yn Gymraeg’, I will also be taking a masterclass in social media use!  Oh goodie, goodie, that’s what I say…. I’ll tell you more about it later this week if you are really lucky…