Back to work – sort of

Jane has had two days back since I last wrote, so we are slowly getting back to our construction work, as well as all the other things we spend our lives doing!

In these two days, we stripped off the pink plasterboard on the wall side of the fire door into the main corridor

I didn’t like this shade of pink anyway…
…back to the studs and insulation, ready to rebuild the wall

as we need to modify the line of the wall here, following the new plans for the stairwells (see blog entries passim.)  We now need to replace with a different plasterboard; then a sheet of plywood, then further plasterboard.  I hope that is clear to all.

Meanwhile, Mike was working on the joists upstairs.  He and I had already put plywood and then plasterboard onto the new stud wall (visible in centre of the picture below) which enables Mike to add the joist hanger, into which we can now sit the new joist.

Mike is replacing the joist

and after he was happy that the joist was sitting properly, he then bolted the new joist to the old joist stubs (big bolt about third in in the centre of the shot).

Bolt ready to go in

As various parts of this procedure were essentially a one person job, I occasionally had to keep myself occupied.  As you can see below, I spent my time standing innocently in a bathroom where the tiles kept spontaneously leaping off the walls.  Very strange.

Tiles are throwing themselves off the walls

Tomorrow we will continue with joists and walls so perhaps a bit more of the same, but doing things with stairs should be only about a week away now….



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