Back to work…

Mike and I have, as is our recent habit, spent Sunday and Monday in the cafe. This is great fun when customers are around, but I will admit I find it difficult in the ‘in between’ patches. Mike, on the other hand, gets his head into his latest blockbuster thriller summer read and is quite content. I do try to be as cool and collected as Mike but sometimes have to sneak out into the garden for some R&R!

Last week, we made baby progress steps on a number of fronts. In the long corridor on the ground floor, Mike has installed the wall destined to be the right hand end of the stairwell.

First install the fire rated plasterboard

… then cover with 3mm of plaster and then kind of play sandcastles with it until the surface is shiny and smooth

In a day or two, this will be dry enough to paint, and then we can install our summer reading bookcase ready for our residential customers perusal in due course.

Mike has also made progress on the rebuilt wall in the cafe. We had held back from repainting it, in case it needed to be moved again for the stairs…but we decided mid-week that we couldn’t be doing with the uncertainty, so painted it anyway:

First size the wall with 40/60 emulsion, later with 60/40 emulsion…

…then bring out the ‘yellow ice’ paint again…
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I, on the other hand, have been painting windows on floor 2, from primer to top coat, so in the next day or so – after cleaning the outside of the windows – we should be able to move the tower to enable us to replace the single third floor window that requires the tower. (All other floor 3 windows are Velux, and we are not quite sure yet how we go about re-glazing them!)
And when I had finished with the painting, each day that it wasn’t raining, I would pop outside to make headroom in the garden. This has involved a lot of path clearing, strimming, and ‘normal’ gardening activity, as well as some raking up of displaced soil and then planting into whatever remained.
My last thought tonight is of this morning, when we were enjoying our breakfast where we (normally) sit and view Meol Siabod, we noticed a double rainbow. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice – we had the normal rainbow (which you can see) and below it was a second, inverted rainbow – if you look very hard, you might still see both of the lines of violet.)

We hadn’t seen a double rainbow before this, except on a TV documentary!

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