Beginning the countdown…

Unusually, tonight I will start with an advert, in case I forget to tell you later.  Forthcoming events currently known are: (a) 20th December, from 12 noon, we will be building a labyrinth on site; (b) 7th January 2017, Jabberwocky will play various hits from the 1970’s onwards; and (c) 18th February 2017, Quiz Night.  This all came to mind as I was trying to work out how many posts are still to happen before Christmas, and got slightly diverted.

So clearly I have spent vast amounts of time preparing for Christmas…or perhaps not.  In fact I have spent the last week drafting labels as advised by local Trading Standards for some products we plan to supply to other businesses; steaming the paper off one bedroom ceiling; clearing the labyrinth site ready for next Tuesday; and other thrilling domestic chores.  The highlight was yesterday when we dismantled a tatty old cabinet in what I guess you could call the scullery.  The ceiling above the cabinet had been leaking since we arrived (and quite probably for several years before that), but the cabinet made it difficult to get the collecting buckets into the best drip-catching positions.

Now you can't see it - space where cabinet used to stand
Now you can’t see it – space where cabinet used to stand
and with the un-supported ceiling having been pulled down (thanks Mike - not drafty at all now)
and with the un-supported ceiling having been pulled down (thanks Mike – not draughty at all now)

We forgot to take a photo before my destructive urges were given their head, but you can see we have now pulled down that part of the ceiling that had previously been propped up on random bits of wood.  With no cabinet-type clutter, we now have a sporting chance of catching the drips more effectively.

Mike, on the other hand, has been plaster boarding, insulating and then plastering the surround for the new fire door-to-be in the corridor by the cafe entrance.

Stud wall nearly ready
Stud wall nearly ready


 . . . now insulated...
. . . now insulated…
and now suitably plastered
and now suitably plastered

He has also been  shopping with me (I had to cash in brownie-point tokens to get this to happen); finished the Christmas letter I drafted back in November; started writing the cards; and stacked lots of bricks ready to move them to the labyrinth site for Tuesday.

All in all, not a bad few days.  Must be time to sit down and prepare for Welsh class tomorrow… perhaps I should tell them about the elf who arrived at Welsh conversation this afternoon?   And only 3 blog posts to go before the big day!