Better late than never

I am so sorry for the lack of news this week. I have been trying to blog since last Tuesday but the system wouldn’t let me edit anything. Don’t you just love computers when they stop being obedient? No doubt there is a good reason for this, but as talking about technical IT issues causes a strange buzzing in my head, I have delegated the understanding job to our son Will who has heroically resolved things. He has promised to explain all to me when we next meet in a couple of weeks which is very kind – I am so looking forward to it…

Back to Jack, here being progress made this week. I have had a surprisingly busy diary of meetings this week so if you feel we are slacking, mea culpa.
We have taken delivery of the plywood, fire resistant plasterboard, and insulation for the first two floors of the stairwell.

Our delivery bay, otherwise known as the library

Mike, who lead the dismantling of this wall last week, has now rebuilt it in the prescribed fashion – on one side only so that the building inspector could see the ‘inside’ to check construction was as required by regulations. We removed the plasterboard to leave just the uprights

So remind me – what am I trying to do here?

oh, yes, I remember…

Mike has then added the noggins (stiffening crosspieces); then together we installed the plywood;
so the plywood is up – time to add the plasterboard

so do you think I should perhaps start attaching plasterboard here?

and finally the fire-resistant plasterboard. Mike then floated on the 3mm plaster skim, which we are now leaving to dry.

Does this look flat enough??

We had a good day on Tuesday. In the morning, our architectural designer popped in for a couple of hours which enabled Mike to check a few details before the building inspector’s visit, and also to order the staircase after a few details had been confirmed. Mike and Tammy discussed our plan to re-profile the roof on the manor to staunch some of the serious leaks, and also provide a route in future to improve the space in the attic. Mike fitted the missing window on floor 2 (which I had ordered too small), so when we get a couple of dry days, I can complete the painting on those four windows. We also had a lovely afternoon when various members of the Betws y Coed and distant Tourist Association popped in for cafe and a chat.

On Wednesday, amongst other things, I trawled through our web pages and noticed several were either out of date, or contained photos which could now be improved on. As a consequence, I took a few snaps including this one of our coffee machine. As soon as I finish posting this blog, I have some serious editing to do on our web pages.

our super coffee machine

On Thursday we both noticed we were feeling rather tired. Mike couldn’t do much about that as he needed to be ready for the building inspector on Friday afternoon. We did decide though that a change would be as good as a rest for me, so I took Friday as a gardening day. Purely to make me feel better, I started at the highest point of the cleared rock face to try to make it look better. The rock face itself is magnificent. To the left of this, there is an area of rough grass and soil, and to the left of that, an area which functions as a path (we haven’t explored its construction, but it seems reasonably stable and there are visible slate chippings on the top). I have started clearing the grass and weeds off the top, and then planting occasional plants along with ground cover plants into the resulting space, and then laying pavers saved from elsewhere on site to try to limit ingress of grass into the planted area.

First planting at the top of the rock
Note the new brick line to contrast the grass from the garden and to make mowing easier

During the week, Jane explained to Mike how she had learned on a recent photography course how to create panoramic images:

so Mike just had to photograph the cafe

I must sign off now as its time to update the rest of the web pages. We hope to have more news and photos in a few more days!

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