Breaking out in more places!

Last time I wrote, we had left this wall with slate blocks poking out from the back wall after removing most of those that formed the wall that used to be at right angles. Those that remained were considered too important to remove without risking destabilising the wall.

We had also cast concrete around the base of two of the stanchions in preparation for casting the concrete floor whilst we…

…went away for the better part of a week. I had a conference to attend, and then we travelled to Cardiff to watch a One Day International cricket match (New Zealand v England) with family, and attend Charley’s party.

While we were away, Niall very kindly squared off the slate blocks in the doorway and…

…also cut a doorway through beneath this window using his very powerful disc cutter which seems to be one of the very small subset of available tools that Mike does not own.

But look – who has got back on the horse? Pips has at last recovered enough to go back to the riding stables and enjoy and hour or so on horseback .

To summarise, we spent last week clearing rubbish from the area below, removing plaster from the walls, spreading rubble in places needing it, and then spreading the required depth of sand across the area, ready for us to cast the concrete floor slab next week. As the weather forecast is for heavy rain early next week, we will install the damp-proof fabric once the rain has fallen.

Next week, we will prepare the area on the right hand side firstly so we can trundle concerete over it for the left hand floor, and secondly to be ready to pour concrete to form the right hand floor. At which point Mike and I will cheer loudly and long as after an eighteen month delay, we will finally be able to build again (we hope!!!!!)

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