Building control say…..yes!

So the good news first – we heard on Wednesday that we now have formal approval of the architects plans for ‘phase two’ of the refurbishments, and should receive the detailed plans tomorrow, with any luck. Of course, the way the wind is blowing today, they may arrive in the next country/country rather than on our doormat, but we look forward to tomorrow anyway.

Monday and Tuesday we spent time trying not to start the work for which we didn’t yet have permission. On Monday this was not difficult as we were in the cafe. On Tuesday, despite the rain, we decided to work outdoors, so whilst Mike dug a trench for the path to the labyrinth,

The mini-digger is earning it's keep yet again...
The mini-digger is earning it’s keep yet again…

which later looked like this, with Adrian’s help

Path edging being installed (to be concreted in place when it stops raining, whenever that might be)
Path edging being installed (to be concreted in place when it stops raining, whenever that might be)

I trimmed the brambles and other growth growing the path side of a low wall, separating our lower garden (!) from the river. Actually to call it a wall is being kind: it is more a random collection of boulders loosely together, but the view from the building is now somewhat improved.
Starting from this...
Starting from this…

...after, and only slightly out of focus (giant soz)
…after, and only slightly out of focus (giant soz)

We also did lots of tedious business stuff which I won’t bore you with, and cut and fitted an order for veneer inlays.

Yesterday I went in search of Seville oranges. I know it is a bit late in the season, but whilst we were on holiday I suddenly realised we hadn’t sourced our supply. I was lucky to find someone in Mochdre (near Llandudno) able to sell us two boxes of oranges, and today Jane and I made our maiden batch of marmalade from Penaeldroch – and very lovely it is too, according to the impartial taste buds of Mike.

Today’s excitement was provided by Storm Doris. Not content with blowing down several trees locally; causing Jane to remain in her car after she arrived for about 10 minutes before she was able to leave her car and get to the house; disconnecting our neighbour’s landline; blowing our large plant pots (including one oak half-barrel) around the car park, it blew down a section of dry stone wall that corrals our neighbours two horses, Woody and Sadie. The emergency party of four set to at about 5.15 p.m., in complete wet weather gear, to rebuild the wall as well as possible before the light left us at around 5.45 p.m. It was great fun and will probably keep the horses contained tonight, but I suspect some of us would benefit from reading up on how to lay dry stone walls before we try that again!

Now I haven’t taken many photos this week, as we haven’t really completed anything photogenic, but I can share with you the snap below of Jasper and Boyd companionably in front of the fire in the closest proximity they have ever managed, we think!