Cafe open again so back to work, slackers…

We opened the cafe again this Saturday, with the new coats of paint in place and the boiled linseed oil on the pillars still not quite dry. It’s good to know that the few problems we had noticed have now been well addressed and we can focus again on the accommodation.

Mike has continued to work on the floor 2 en suite. Here you can see the floor has been tiled.

Over the weekend, Mike installed the toilet and wash basin, noting the shower has to wait a little longer because the wall tiles should be delivered tomorrow afternoon, and these need to go in first.

Who would think that avocado suites might come back in fashion?

Today, Mike installed the shower tray, and then moved on to tiling the back wall -using the tiles we had in stock…

Mike on his knees – a relatively rare sighting

…so of course, just before we got to the ceiling we ran out of tile adhesive!

We will pick up some adhesive tomorrow when Mike is on his travels, whilst I will be running the cafe.

Hmm – I can see how this might looking confusing to the disinterested observer

My task today was to block up an old doorway in what will become the lobby of the floor 2 suite of rooms. The stud wall you can see is in a redundant doorway that used to lead into a ‘stand alone’ toilet which we will be incorporating into a bathroom. This bathroom will have two access doors, both elsewhere, so this gap has to go. Above, you can see I have put the studs and noggins in place…

Nearly there now

The view above is taken from the other side which Alex has been insulating and later this week I will add the plywood and plasterboard. We look forward to showing you more progress, we hope, later this week!

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