Can you guess where we have been?

We have had a brief break from the building work, so hope you won’t mind if we share some snaps with you.

My brother is currently living in Phuket. Just before Christmas, he suggested we could both do with a break from the physical toil and spend a few days with him…

The unheated swimming pool was at cool bath temperature

…and maybe even enjoy his pool, even though it is winter in Phuket at present.

Mike’s casa…

What we hadn’t realised was that even in winter, the day temperature was around 32 degrees, and nights at about 24 Celsius. We wilted pretty quick!

…and Mike’s family

Here you can see us enjoying a relaxing evening drinkie, just off the beach…

Dinner at a ‘pop up’ Zuma

… and here you can see the pudding plate for Sunday brunch at one of the swankiest places in town. Above you can see the fresh fruits along with a sublime chocolate pud, a banana cake, selection of ice creams. Sadly you can’t really see the integral ice sculpture from this angle.

Yuko (my sister in law) took us to lunch one day at a restaurant in the hills with a magnificent view of part of the island, and with a group of resident monkeys. There are signs warning you not to feed these monkeys but sadly we were still reading them when…

Mike’s mugger

…one moved astonishingly quickly to relieve Mike of his water bottle! He pinched it, then ran to his seat and punched a hole in one end and proceeded to empty the bottle.

It was hotter than this looks

We spent some time relaxing on beaches – this one was so hot we had to sit in the shade, except when we swam with the yellow and blue striped fishes

Hello old boy, how lovely to meet you, says someone.

and on our last day, we visited an elephant sanctuary which is busy adding high level walkways.

The idea is that as they acquire more elephants, the humans will be walking above them, leaving room for herds to form and move unencumbered – but we couldn’t help feeling the whole place will look pretty much like Jurrasic park.

In the afternoon we visited a gibbon sanctuary, which is slowly moving them to more remote areas until the point they can be released to the wild.

All in all, we had a fabulous week away – thanks so much to brother Mike and family – and also thanks to Yvonne and Julie who did a fantastic job of looking after Plas during our absence.

We have returned ready to get back to work, as soon as we have recovered from the jetlag and spent the next few days running the cafe. So I hope you enjoy the change in photographic content: we will be back to normal next week!

2 thoughts on “Can you guess where we have been?

  1. A much deserved holiday. We love Thailand, such a beautiful country and amazing food. Will you now being offering Thai-Welsh fusion cuisine at Plas? xx

    1. When we get over the jet lag – who knows?! Seriously, I think we need to do a bit more building work first, and then we will get back to this question in a few months time.

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