Christmas is a coming…

It took two of us to drag the hemlock up the hill for the old stairwell but, as you can see, the tree for the dining room is a relative lightweight, easily transported by the hired help.  More of this later.

And the hunter home from the hill

We spent most of the weekend in the cafe, where trade has been really quite quiet since the snow arrived.  As it is all gone now, we will ensure we leave enough time in the schedule for the catering, but are carrying on regardless with the building work at the moment.


Here you see the third floor where we need to extend the stiffening wall from the stairwell wall to create a hall wall in floor 3.  First we put in the base and top plates, then the ‘four be twos’


and then the noggins to stiffen it all.  After that,  we popped down to floor 2 to put in bracing pieces before we cut the joists.  Yes, 5 of the floor joists have now been cut through, and I will let you know in a day or two what happens next!

Photo of stairwell tree, taken from below (to try to get it all in the shot)

On a more festive note, the larger of the felled hemlocks can be seen above, partly decorated ready for the festive season.  And below you can see our second hemlock which we have placed strategically at the front of the house, as we suddenly realised a couple of days ago that all of our festive items were towards the rear of the house, and we suspect people were beginning to think we were not open.  We are hoping that the lights from this tree will be visible as people drive up…

Dining room tree

Oh, and we took Jasper to the vets yesterday.  He had had a wart above one eye for a year or so that wasn’t bothering him (although it bothered lots of people who thought it was a tick) but a few days ago he knocked it off and it kept weeping.  Every time it stopped, Jasper would knock the scab off, and we were back to weeping.  When Mike took him to the vets and received a list of possible alternative treatments, he decided that a ruff was just the fashion statement Jasper needed for the next ten days, but I’m not so sure that the dog agrees…

Guess who’s been to the vets recently

2 thoughts on “Christmas is a coming…

  1. Poor Jasper! Fancy having to wear the dreaded cone. Milk it for all you’re worth Jasper, as any visitors will feel sorry for you and feed you lots of lovely tidbits. Don’t, whatever you do, bash them in the shins with said instrument of torture! It hurts and may result in sympathy and tidbits being withdrawn forthwith.
    Loving the Christmas Trees. At least the dreaded hemlock will serve some purpose at the end of their lives.
    Progress looks good Carrie. The snow wreaked havoc here, we couldn’t get off the estate for 2 days because of the ice afterwards.
    Take care both.


    1. Happy New Year! Thanks – Jasper did, as you suggest, crash into absolutely everything with it, but still managed to mump plenty of scoff. Mind you, he was one happy dog when that collar came off. Sorry to read that you have been having difficulty with the snow but lets hope things settle down soon – we are currently having quite a battering from storm Eleanor. We took a full two weeks in the cafe over Christmas, so hope you will find today’s update (due in about 1 hour) of interest.
      Thanks for keeping in touch and hope all remains well with you and yours. Carrie

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