Cleaning the green

It’s been pretty cold here this week…

First snow on Siabod of 2017/18 captured on camera

We are waiting for the plumber who we are expecting any day this week, so continue to find jobs to do that don’t need the pipes to be moved.  We have replaced the last of the 6 Velux window panes, so no longer have a view like this from the third floor.

Last of the old Velux windows

and we have completed various other totally un-glamorous tasks around the property.

View towards Rhodo between building and river

Yesterday, we decided we needed a break from indoors, and set out to do some Rhodo bashing.  In the photo above, you can see a line of Rhodos around the centre of the shot which are holding up our attempts to clear the view down to the river.  In the shot below you may be able to see how steep this bank is, with the river flowing gently at the bottom of the slope.

Rhodo to deal with

Here we show the view from the road, so you can see the extent of the Rhodo infestation (hint: most of the green stuff you can see is either ivy or Rhododendron ponticum)

View from across the road

and that remains true further down the river bank, much of which we will need to eradicate over time.

Looking further down the river

Mike was clipping the top growth away and passing this to me before treating the stumps.

Mike, carefully balanced…

We had hoped that the photo below would show just how much we had achieved, but maybe not!  We will try to take a shot from the road tomorrow to show you next time…

Unfortunately, I’m not sure this photo shows quite how much Rhodo has been removed

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