Close, but no cigar (#2-ish)

Woe is me. Not really – I don’t rate woe as a phase of life, but I do have a confession to make. You have probably guessed, but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. So to distract you from the moment of truth for a sec., I will instead ask you to consider what might be going on in North Wales …

Whatever can bring so many people to Pont y Pant railway station?

Meanwhile, back to our little project. Long story short – Building Control phoned on Wednesday morning (31st July), just before our appointment, and asked about progress. Mike explained that he hadn’t quite finished plastering the stairwell whereupon Building Control cancelled the visit, since they would need to return to see the plastering completed before any sign off. So far, so fair. Unfortunately, the next available appointment was for 13th August, meaning we totally miss the Eisteddfod slot, of which more later.

Anyway, as Mike carried on working, he put in the last fire door of this sequence. He used expanding foam to secure the frame, which has to be pink (the fire-proof version) and, as you can see, some of it dripped onto Mike…

Don’t panic – it’s not blood…

…and what a mess it made. That stuff is clearly not designed to come off, so Mike now sports quite a tonsure where I pretty much had to shave him to get the sticky gloop off.

Mike was in a directorial mood

Nevertheless, the fire door frame is in – which is what I was hoping to illustrate, but I think Mike just wanted to show off my double chin, charmer that he is.

The fire doorway is nearly complete

Here is the frame for which Mike sacrificed his hair…

Notice how Lola is trying to show she is innocent of any charge of pestering the cat

and, looking the other way, you can now see the lobby after Mike had plastered it and I had given it two mist coats.

The view from the cafe towards the toilets…
…now showing off the new fire door

Here you can see that the stairwell is now enclosed within two fire doors on the ground floor and the whole area is plastered and (by end of play tomorrow) will be painted. Yes, we still need to add some architrave and skirting board, but have done all that Building Control needs to see.

Don’t get me wrong – there is still stuff to do. We have a few bits and bobs to finish in the bathrooms before the floors are completely ready to go live, but we should be ready on the 13th, so when we get the go ahead, all rooms should go live. Here’s hoping, anyway.

Back to my earlier teaser…

As some of you may know, the Llandudno Junction to Blaenau Ffestiniog railway had been out of commission since mid March, when Storm Gareth caused all sorts of problems. With the Eisteddford in town, there was considerable pressure for the line to be open and in the event it all reopened last week. To celebrate, a steam train came down the line yesterday…and many many people turned out to hear, smell and taste it!

The first Eisteddfod weekend is drawing to a close, and we can report it has been – – – a very quiet weekend in the cafe. The word on the streets is that the streets are empty because either (a) people are in the events or (b) they are at home because they are worried about traffic. We will keep a close eye on this and report further in the next post.

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