Digging down and painting up…

We left you last time with a little rubble still to clear from behind the boiler room…

…but we wouldn’t want you to think all work and no play. It was warm enough on Monday to have our lunch outside (even if my face lets you know that it was a little bracing in the February wind).

We have dug back to the step that separates the area behind the boiler room from the path outside the long corridor…

…and when you look from the other side, you can see the height of the step.

Looking back behind the ‘phase 3’ space, we needed to dig by hand for a while as there wasn’t room to use the digger, as there is not enough clerance here for the top to turn.

So we were reduced to digging out this portion by hand.

I want to just remind myself how far we have come. When we started digging out the boiler vent was about elbow height…

…but now I can’t even reach the vent.

As we were digging yesterday, we uncovered Rocky II. Just behind the pick you can see a rock that we uncovered which we simply couldn’t move with the digger, so…

…we let Mike at it with the breaker, which soon sorted it out…

…and then we could get back on the digger. After a morning of barrowing rubble from here to our car park, it was a relief to be able to sit down for a bit!

There is still some more digging to do. For some light relief, we also found some time this week to start painting the stairs to the lower garden whilst they were temporarily in full sun.

We made very good headway until we ran out of paint and found there was no more to be had in this valley. Oh well, an enforced weekend off will be good for us both.

6 thoughts on “Digging down and painting up…

  1. Lovely to see you in sunshine, it must have been very hard work digging all that soil and rubble and stone out, you two are amazing or you both have a masochistic gene
    Take good care Julie

  2. Glad to see you have come through Corona and are continuing to improve Plas Penaldroch. Hope to see you soon for some home made soup and cheese scones.

    1. Hi Julie, so far we are doing ok, but we still await our vaccination appointment…we look forward to seeing you when we are all allowed to travel again.
      All the best, Carrie

  3. I hadn’t thought of it like that – I like to think of it more as a creative gene – but at the moment I agree, masochism seems closer to the mark.
    However, one of these days, this place will really be somewhere to come and visit!
    All our love to Wretham, Carrie (and Mike)

    1. Hi Carrie & Mike and All
      I question where did March go? I have talked to Penny of her visit and her trip wire adventure, I have also mentioned to Irene that I have been in touch, she says that she sends you the Wretham Newsletter so you can binge read them, see again a masochistic tendency!
      I think I would like to visit Anglesey, you would be on the way?
      I have moved forward this weekend with my Japanese garden, I so miss working with my sister Liz on projects, I managed to place one stone, Tony helped me with the 2nd, the 3rd I think I will have to call in some more man-power, I have Mum’s bonsai horse chestnut tree, the stones were her’s too, i’m wondering now how we got them out of Mum’s garden into a van and then deposited them here? Picture will follow at completion. Hope you all enjoyed Easter, I got to see family and every type of weather but loved it all, take care of yourselves, Julie

      1. Dear Julie
        Good luck with the garden project- that sounds a real challenge, but wonderful as well.
        We are about 40 minutes from Anglesey. If you come over on the A5, we are directly on the route. If you come on the motorways and take the A55 north Wales road, then we would be a 30 minute diversion – but we would love to see you!
        We had a good time at Easter, but still waiting for English folk to be able to travel before we can see the kids – or should I say young adults.
        All our love to you and very fond memories to Wretham

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