Drains, demolition and a fabulous sunset

Towards the left in the photo below you can see an outbuilding that needed to be cleared away – and we knew just the people to do this.

Yvonne and Julie got stuck in, blew gently on the structure which obligingly fell down, and took it away in a wheelbarrow or two.

Meanwhile Mike and I were working to dig the two trenches needed, one running front-to-back of the slab to house the partition wall foundations, and the other at right angles to this, to house the soil pipe for these suites.

Here you can see me checking out one of the four holes prepared for the steel uprights which sit in line with the party wall foundations ditch.

We took a break from the building works over the weekend when we had a wonderful party of guests here on a significant birthday celebration whose party was blessed on the last day with this magnificent rainbow over Moel Siabod.

Now back to work. Mike was taking a pause in his jack-hammering which allowed me to redistribute the waste material from ditch to wheelbarrow (all those years as a goal shooter in netball turn out to be really useful these days as my aim is – usually -true!)

Mike broke through three layers of concrete until we got to the softer material below the floors – at which point we called in the man with the digger who spent a day digging out what it would have taken us a week or more to shift. This then enabled us to proceed to…

…laying down a bed of pea shingle, onto which the soil pipe was laid, with a 1:40 slope along its length. This may sound simple but, in practice, it took some working out. You see below Mike modifying the spirit level (under close supervision from Lola) – we sat it on a 1 in 40 slope, and made additional marks on the spirit level to show where the bubble sits when on a 1:40 slope.

We then pushed the soil pipe sections together and with Julie and Yvonne lowered the 11 metre pipe into place.

We put bricks of the appropriate height into strategic positions and then used the spriti level along the pipe to check the fall -which needs to be accurate to ensure waste flows away as it should.

A piece of plaster board remaining on the building walls turned out to be invaluable as a calculation board when the slope wasn’t quite what it needed to be…

…and at the end of the day we had what we needed: the entire pipe, sitting on a minimum 20mm of 20-40mm pea shingle, running up to about 50% of the pipe, ready for Building Control to come and check that the fall is accurate.

The last job we needed to do before calling in the inspectors was to drill into the new ground beam and fit a couple of rebars which now sit half embedded in the ground beam, with the other half ready to be embedded when we pour the concrete foundations for the party wall. I hope you are keeping notes on all this!

And finally, a shot from our friend Wendy of a recent sunset at our nearest railway bridge, a view which is one of the many beauties that make living around here so special.

We pause work now until the inspection has happened, and we hope to be able to keep you abreast of further progress soon.

4 thoughts on “Drains, demolition and a fabulous sunset

  1. Always something to make you smile amongst all this hard work. You are going great guns, beautiful sky. Best wishes to everyone, Julie

  2. Hope your hard work is passed by the building Inspector and you can carry on with the next stage! Lovely Sunset!

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