Everything in the garden . . . mae’n fendigedig

To continue my theme of approaching autumn, I am happy to announce that Mike and I have started double glazing the manor windows with plastic sheeting again.  This proved invaluable last year to reduce the roaring draughts that howl round the sash windows and, I presume, through other orifices leaving us quivering in front of the wood burner.  We are still holding off on lighting the central heating given the recent rise in oil prices, but we have broken out the thermals and are just about managing to remain frost-free to date.

We are also still preparing for the next phase, as we continue to await the detailed drawings for the new stairwell.  So this week has seen us sort through all the tools we used on the last phase and move them into position ready for the starter’s gun to sound, but has also seen me reorganising the many boxes as yet unpacked from our move here.  Shhh – don’t tell the children, but when they arrive (we hope!) for the Christmas holidays, they might find a new game on the schedule: ‘Whose box is this?’, quickly followed by a round of ‘if you really want it, why not take it with you?’.   Only if they want to play, of course.   Oh, that reminds me, I should probably order in a skip for the last week in December….

Meanwhile, Mike has been preparing the external area around the front door for rendering, and also to box in the various structural elements which really are not the prettiest features of the premises.  As he does this, he can occasionally glance to his left and see the orange tints in the trees gently upping their game….

Scenery, at it appeared on Wednesday 19th
Scenery, at it appeared on Wednesday 19th

If that seems a pretty light load for this week, I should say that we have also been playing mein host and chef roles.  Oh, and thanks to yesterday’s Welsh class I can now say ‘Bore da’ more correctly, and have even learned how to say the weather is awful, should I need to which for all interested parties is “Mae’n ofnadwy”.  But all in all, things are still shaping up wonderfully.  Bendigegid.