Fencing us in

The clock is now ticking. We are permitted to welcome guests from 13th July, which means we need to get a wiggle on to make sure the areas through which guests will pass are up to scratch again. So we thought we had better reinstate the fence, to stop people or cars plummeting over the edge.

You can see that the weather was a bit on the miserable side, but we managed to plough on regardless (despite the midges) to cut and fit the posts…

… which will continue the fence roughtly down to where the car is parked. There is a final third of fence still to be replaced, but it is currently inaccessible so we’ll leave that for another day…month….or perhaps year.

We then started fitting the cross rails…

…until they were all in, whereupon I got to take some photos whilst…

…Mike put in the rest of the screws. After this snap, we stained the fence, with me on the far side of the fence (trying hard not to fall downhill!) and Mike painting the car park side whilst also throwing the ball for Lola.

We also completed other work this week, but we are pretty confident that you wouldn’t wish to see photos of me spring cleaning the cafe and storing items we won’t need for a while. Or of me relocating the office. Of course, if you would like to see pictures, just let me know!

Tomorrow, we are back working on Rocky so hopefully next weeks work will be more photogenic.

2 thoughts on “Fencing us in

  1. Hi Carrie,
    how’s it going? That fence is looking good now,
    Have you been able to re-open to paying guests yet, or are you still closed because of the hotspot on Anglesey?
    Glad that you got the Oil Tank in place. Have you managed to get anymore of Rocky out of the way yet?
    David is itching to go up to Scotland to visit his parents, but Scotland is still closed at the moment, whereas I just want a holiday anywhere except Birmingham.
    I’ve been staying off line for the last few weeks as I’m fed up with the news etc.
    Take care

    1. Hi Kim
      Good to hear from you, and know that you are ok. I hope you manage to get away – we all deserve it after such a weird few months. Especially those of us who have been doing the food shopping – so much more stressful than it used to be.
      We reopened on the 14th, and have been reasonably busy in the rooms, with most of August now booked, but almost nothing beyond August as people are booking very late which is quite understandable. The cafe is closed now until next Easter at the very earliest. We guessed in June (and it seems we are right) that people will be happy to travel, but less inclined to stop for a drink, so all staff have had to go. Jane has a new job in Betws so she is still baking, but its sad to have to recognise the effort in growing the cafe must now be forgotten. But we are all well, which is the main thing.
      Rocky may have to stay where he is for a while, as we are fully committed to changing beds etc for the next few weeks, but if we get a chance, you know where we will be!
      Stay safe, Carrie

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