Festivities start here…

We have installed a Christmas tree and finished putting up the decorations in the café, to help us all get into the Christmas spirit.

Ready for the festivities
Ready for the festivities

The really big news over the last few days is – I have caught a cold!  You know, one of those real ones that make you feel hibernation would be a far preferable way to get through the cold months.  How is it that the headache persists despite repeated doses of paracetamol?  Not that I am one to complain…

On Sunday night we visited Betws-y-Coed to catch up with some of the Nadolig celebrations.  They had a brilliant drumming band with drummers so enthusiastic that I suspect many of the onlookers would have loved to have joined them at their next practice sessions.  They also had a super fireworks display afterwards so, all in all, a top evening.


And their recycled Christmas tree was certainly worth a second look

starring pre-used fizzy drink bottles
starring pre-used fizzy drink bottles

On the work front, I have continued to strip wallpaper from the walls and some of the ceilings in rooms to be refurbished next year, with only a slight delay when the wallpaper stripper stopped working.  I mean, we have only had it since Newmarket which means it is only about 25 years old – what are things coming to?  I also started to fill the linen cupboard as a bit of light relief from the decorating.

Mike has cut many loads of logs and stacked these in the dry so we should be able to keep warm over Christmas.  When I returned from shopping yesterday, I found Mike had made a start on installing the next fire door so the work rota for the rest of the week appears to have been set and we will soon have completely finished the entrance lobby.



I don't think Jasper looks too happy with his jingling collar...
I don’t think Jasper looks too happy with his jingling collar courtesy of Anna…


So just a quick reminder for those living locally – Quiz Night this Friday evening – hope you can make it!